Saturday, May 20, 2023

Seun Kuti Assumes Role of 'General Overseer' While Incarcerated, Leading Prayer Gatherings

Seun Kuti, the embattled Afrobeat singer, found himself in a remarkable turn of events when he was

crowned the 'General Overseer' of his cell by the inmates. This unexpected development came after Seun made headlines for assaulting a police officer on the Third Mainland Bridge, an incident that quickly went viral.


The incident caught the attention of the Inspector-General of Police, Alkali Baba, who promptly issued an order for Seun's arrest. Realizing the gravity of the situation, Seun decided to surrender himself to the police accompanied by his legal team. He was subsequently arraigned at the Sabo, Yaba Chief Magistrate Court on Tuesday, where he was remanded in custody.


The son of the legendary Afrobeat icon, Fela Anikulapo-Kuti, was then taken to the State Criminal, Investigations and Intelligence Department (SCIID) at Panti, Yaba, Lagos on the orders of the Yaba Chief Magistrate Court for assaulting a police officer. However, his arrival at the prison was met with uneasiness and pandemonium due to the initial hostility of the inmates at the SCIID.


The atmosphere was tense as the inmates, with a leader possessing a hoarse, deep baritone voice, ordered Seun to remain standing upon his arrival. Moments later, chaos erupted within the cell as the inmates vehemently rejected him, banging on the metal protective door in protest and demanding that he be removed.


Sources reported that Seun, recognizing the commotion his presence had caused, desperately sought to restore calm and negotiate peace. Surprisingly, the police guards seemed unfazed by the uproar. Seun, realizing he needed to appease the inmates, promised to give them ₦25,000. Desperate to fulfill his promise, he pleaded for the use of a phone and called his wife, who swiftly brought the money. He handed it over to their leader, and only then did the inmates begrudgingly accept him and make space for him to sit.


The ordeal left Seun disheartened and frustrated to the point where he refused to eat the food provided for him, including the meals brought by his wife. He embarked on a hunger strike, which lasted for almost a day and a half until he eventually decided to eat.


In a surprising twist, the inmates later chose to crown Seun as the General Overseer of the cell, presenting him with a Bible. From that point forward, Seun found himself leading prayer sessions for the inmates whenever the need arose. As they prayed, the inmates would chant in unison: "GO, GO," signifying his new title.


Around 2:30 pm on Friday, witnesses observed Seun tightly clutching the Bible in his left hand as he ascended the stairs leading to the office of the Deputy Commissioner of Police, Waheed Ayilara. However, he was eventually led back down the stairs and returned to his cell, where he resumed his role as the spiritual leader of the inmates.


The incredible sequence of events showcased the tumultuous journey that Seun Kuti had undertaken, transforming from an accused individual to an unexpected figure of authority within the prison walls.

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