Sunday, August 07, 2022

Arise: Nigeria is dying and fast decaying By Prince Ekhato Zelinjo



Nigeria is a time bomb; a cocked pistol. Nigeria is on the verge of explosion; and it is expedient that leader-countries of the global village should act to save Nigerians.


As the society we live in continues to change, it is only reasonable that things change for the better; but the case of Nigeria is different. This is due to the pressing concern of obvious and perceived imbalances in the country.


These imbalances are the central problems of the federal republic of Nigeria and they ranges from bad road / no road and poorly constructed ROADS; These  have increased the suffering of the masses who depend on the road to transport agricultural, perishable and non-perishable produce to the final consumers in the urban centres. No good roads to move goods and services, no enabling environment for enterprises to flourish, hence businesses and the citizenry suffer untold hardship.


Our Nigerian leaders fly on planes [use aircrafts] therefore, they are insensitive to the plight of the masses [citizens] who ply the bad and damaged roads just to survive.


 One, therefore, begins to wonder what the duties and responsibilities of Federal Road Maintenance Agency [FERMA] to Nigerians are.


Nigerians living in the riverine areas are cut off as our water ways have been abandoned, especially with no genuine government commitment to the development of water transport system in the country.


Government is neither doing enough to create jobs nor employing the increasing army of unemployed graduates.


Our political leaders are responsible for the bastardized educational system in Nigeria. at the moment, tertiary institutions are on strike nationwide. The Academic Staff Union Of Universities [ASUU] has made demands of the federal government on how to improve their welfare and boost the educational system; but this government has remained adamant.  Students and their parents have continued to suffer as a result of this ASUU/FG face-off.


In the midst of the prevailing circumstances, our political leaders have continued to send their children abroad to study and acquire standard education while the majority children of the less-privileged, who the nation's Constitution promises education as a fundamental human right, are left unattended.


As issue stand, it is obvious that government and our  political leaders have bastardized the nation's educational system.


Ironically, those Nigerians, who enjoyed free education and readily got jobs upon graduation, in those good, old days of Chief Obafemi  Awolowo's, are the ones now making life critically difficult for present day Nigerian masses. 


In the heat of things, the Honourable Speaker of the Federal House of Representatives, Rt. Hon. FEMI GBAJABIAMILA, representing Surulere 1 Federal Constituency posted pictures of himself receiving lectures at Harvard Business School in the United States of America on the same day nigerian workers, under the aegis of the Nigeria Labour Congress, were engaging in a solidarity rally in surppot Of ASUU.


In the same vein, the nation's lawmakers have recently rejected the bill prohibiting government officials from sending their children to schools abroad.


This attitude of those in government  is the height of insensitivity to the myriad problems bisecting the nation.


As a matter of urgency, the current minister for education and minster for labour should be sacked. Some of our legislators [law makers] should be recalled.




Our hospitals and health centres are nothing to write about as they have become mere structure [buildings] without basic amenities.


Only recently, Senator Ike Ekweremadu and his wife landed in trouble in the United Kingdom.  According to reports, he was seeking medical attention for his sick daughter who needed a kidney transplant.


Ekweremadu and his wife would not be in police net in London if only the Nigerian government improved our  health delivery system with the needed technologies, physical infrastructures and qualified medical personnel’s.


For instance, in the Niger Delta people are having cancer due to oil exploration in the area and yet there is paucity of cancer hospitals in Nigeria.


 Senator Ben Bruce lost his wife due to cancer; governor Seriake Dickson also lost his mother to cancer; and Timi Alaibe lost his wife, Mrs Alaere Alaibe, at age 45 to cancer.


Even President Mohammad Buhari regularly goes abroad  for medical reasons because we have a faulty health system in Nigeria. Who will turn things around and save of country.




Our government and security forces have failed the Nigerian citizenry as their services are majorly for the high and mighty neglecting the vulnerable masses.


Insecurity, ranging from kidnapping, banditry, suicide bombing here and there, maiming, acts of terrorism, militancy,  etc, have become commonplace, thriving without much resistance from the security agencies.


On the other hand, killer Fulani herdsmen invade and destroy farmers' crops.


Unknown and known gunmen engage in extra judicial killing.  It is rumoured, and there are available, clear reasons to believe it, that some Nigerian security forces have been colluding with these criminals.


Boko Haram is disturbing the peace and unity of Nigeria. Militants and secessionist groups are heating up the polity and undermining the sovereignty if the Nigeria state.


It is even more pathetic that our government, today,  negotiate and pay ransom to terrorists. Who will save Nigeria?


Corruption continues unabated in high places, despite the existence of the EFCC and ICPC.


Corruption has so eaten deep into the fabrics of the nation that  almost all Nigerian leaders are corrupt.  As a result, the image of country in the global perspective is laundered and the elected government is turning a deaf ear to the problems of the nation and ignoring the plight of the masses that voted them into power.


This is why jakpa escape system, in search greener pasture, is the new order in Nigeria.  The traffic and statistics in airports and embassies tell it all. People are running away with their lives, leaving the extremely poor, patriots and the greedy political class to thug it out.


The government, from local, through state, to federal government, is not proactive and seems to be self-serving.


Nigeria is dying under the watch of President Buhari, the 36 state governors are his accomplices.


The masses have prayed and are still praying for the world to hear our cry and save Nigeria. A majority of the citizens of Nigeria are only using the two last weapon available to them to liberate themselves and the country. The two weapons available are our voices and write ups, as ways of protesting, which is our universally accepted fundamental human right.


Therefore, we ask the world for help. Our Permanent Voters Card  [PVC] should help us vote our conscience in the 2023 general election.


Let the world support Nigeria and Nigerians to monitor the election and ensure free and fair election. The world must help us pressurize the  Independent National Electoral Commission [INEC], to be truly independent and conduct a free and credible 2023 election.


It is time the world woke up to tackle Nigeria’s problems and save the country. This is because the world is now a global village.


When Nigeria, the giant of Africa and the most populous black nation on earth suffers, the world bleeds.


Nigeria needs the United Nations, UN, World Health Organizations, WHO, the world powers, especially the United States, China, France, Russia, Germany, Spain, Canada, Britain and their leaders, like Joe Biden, Emmanuel Macron, etc, to rescue the country.



Yours in the struggle


Prince Ekhato Emmanuel Zelinjo, Nigerian citizen.

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