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The Nigeria of my dream is where people can walk around without fear of being kidnapped --- Queen Racheal Matthew

 Queen Racheal Oghere Matthew is the winner of the prestigious annual Face of Topflyers 2020 pageant. The queen who had her National Diploma in Public Administration, Yaba Technology (YabaTech), Lagos State hails from Okpella in Edo State but resides in Lagos State, Nigeria. In this exclusive interview with Topflyers Magazine International, she speaks on her joys of being a Queen and the hurdles to attaining such height.


You recently won Face of Topflyers 2020 pageant. Is this your first time contesting in a pageant?

Yes it is.

How did you know about the pageant?

I came across the flyer online.

How did you feel being part of the winners of the pageant?

Wow. I was really overwhelmed

Did you know you would win from the onset of the pageant?

(Laughs) No, I had no clue.

Who were those that supported you most during the contest?

My Friends and family members were my greatest fans and supporters. God bless you guys (throws kisses)

Would you like to contest again for the pageant next year if given the opportunity?

Yes! With all pleasure

You had a high number of votes during the contest which made you emerge as a winner. How were you able to convince people to vote for you?

I just kept pushing, talking to friends via direct messages on social media, letting them know how much this would mean to me if I won and of course they love me and wanted the best for me. So they voted for me en masse.

Did you at any moment of the pageant feel like giving up?

No, not at all! I never felt like giving up because I hardly give up in any endeavor I embark on.

What did you enjoy most about the pageant?

 Well, I enjoyed everything precisely. It was so competitive, breath-taking, majestic and daring. I enjoyed the whole process.

What lessons did you learn from the contest?

I learnt the art of consistency.

What do you think makes a good model?

The individual’s personality generally as well as his or her willpower. No fake zone, just being yourself—the real you.

If you were to change something in the modeling industry in Nigeria, what would that be?

As at now, I would like a platform which would bring all models around the world together. We have so many models. Some are freelancers while some get paid. However having a conducive environment for us all to get to know one another is a positive change I look forward to. Also, changing the stereotype that models can't participate in other career fields is another.

What is your best meal and colour?

 Well, no specific favorite meal but my best colour is black.

What is one thing you can never do in life?

That would be being hypocritical to people. If I support you, I support you for real (smiles).

If you were made the Governor of your state for one year, what would you put in place first?

Thank you for that question. I would not hesitate to  fix the security and safety of  the people.

What projects would you like to work on as a Queen?

It will be my desire to empower young people on skill acquisition (bag/shoe making and more). I also hope to venture into collaboration with national/international brands.

In recent days, there have been unstable price conditions in so many products; one of such is the increase in prices of sanitary for ladies/young girls. What is your take on this?

Actually, sanitary pads for ladies are very essential. Menstruation and menstrual practices still face many social, cultural and religious restrictions which are big barriers in the path of menstrual hygiene management. In many parts of the country, especially in rural areas, girls are not exactly prepared/educated regarding it. So, there should be a need to increase the availability of sanitary pads and not necessarily its price tags so it can be easily accessible or purchased for the least average girl. Somehow I feel it should be sold for free.

 What is your opinion on Reality Shows in Nigeria and your advice to those who may have interest in it someday?

Personally, I believe reality show in Nigeria is one of the many ways in which the talents of Nigerian youth are showcased to both government and citizens. Reality shows just like agriculture, works to diversify the economy and helps people around the world learn other culture. It is also a bonding means because it gives opportunity to spend quality time with family members or friends.

Interviewer adds: Interesting observation

Replies: Thank you

What other career path would you like to explore?

(Laughs) Air Hostess duties.

How can people reach you?

People can reach me through my Social Media

Instagram: ray_pearl_matt

Facebook: Ray Pearl Matt

Is there any business desire you are interested in?

Yes! Fashion related businesses. I adore fashion and I am already in the path to actualizing that but I am still growing and learning new trends in fashion.

What achievement should your friends and supporters be expecting from you during the course of your Queenly reign?

I would ensure I help small online businesses grow by promoting their pages and making it known across the globe.

(Interviewer adds in): More like a mini-brand influencing we believe?

Replies: Yes (smiles), this is because it is one of the things I do - digital marketing. I am a fast-rising Digital Marketer.

What is the Nigeria of your dream?

The Nigeria of my dream is a country where people can walk around without fear of being kidnapped, a Nigeria where we all work together as a Nation. I desire a Nigeria where I can go for a morning jog and not worry about being hit by a careless driver or someone driving on the side walk because He or She is avoiding the potholes on the road. A Nigeria where I can drive to the airport without worrying about the plane’s fuel because I know proper provisions have been made. I dream of a Nigeria where I can use a speed train instead of a plane and get to my destination in record time. In all honesty, this is the peace of mind I hope to be a part of in my country, Nigeria.

Can you name two places in the world you would like to visit?

Well that would be Canada and Paris. I love these places and can’t wait to explore them.

What do you have to say about the ‘#ENDSARS PROTEST, 2023 upcoming Presidential Election and Asian killings?

The success of the protest in forcing concessions from the government such as, promise to disband Special Anti-robbery Squad (SARS) and police reformation has given Nigeria Youth confidence and they believe that they can make a difference. Politics is a game of numbers, influence, popularity and structure. In Nigeria, we need a power shift in the upcoming presidential election and to achieve this, the voices of the people must be heard.

Finally, because people in power see us as either model minorities or the permanent foreign, subservient class; they assume we won’t make noise and won’t fight back because we have no allies to stand up for us, Let the youths prove them wrong.

Just For Fun: Which would you pick? A million dollars cash at hand OR a 5 minutes meeting with 5 TOP most affluent people in the world?

That’s a tight one right here. I would appreciate the latter option which is 5 minutes with TOP affluent people in the world.

Who are the people you would like to give a shout out to for supporting you during the pageant?

That would be all my friends and family members.

What do you think of Pysmaco Production, Organizers of the Face of Topflyers Pageant?

Pysmaco Production is a company which looks out for the best for their members and youths generally. They put conscious effort into creating/recommending opportunities and put their reputation in check.

Is there something we have not asked that you would like to say?

(Smiles) I just want to appreciate everyone and the management team for the platform. To the brand and external brands I will be working with, please don't stop supporting me. Don't stop referring me. I remain your favourite Pageant Queen and Business Oriented lady, Queen Rachael Matthew.

I am signing out right now. Thanks for having me in this exclusive feature and for taking your time to go through this up-close session into my Life. I love you all our national and international readers of Topflyers Magazine International. I hope to make you all (Friends/family) feel proud of me. (Smiles and makes a 'peace out' gesture).

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