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Taking Risk is Part of the Ways I Relax— Nathaniel Enyinnaya



Nathaniel Enyinnaya a.k.a Purest Angel is a Fashion Designer, fashion Illustrator and serial entrepreneur. In this interview, the indigene of Ikwuano LGA Umuahia, Abia State speaks on his flair for entrepreneurship, his role models, and the fashion industry in Nigeria.




Tell us about yourself?

 It's a pleasure being here. I am Nathaniel Enyinnaya a.k.a Purest Angel (a childhood nickname I am popularly called). I am a Fashion Designer, fashion Illustrator and serial entrepreneur. I am an Indigene of Ikwuano LGA Umuahia, Abia State. (Speaks dialect praises) Umu Abia kwenu!

 Interviewer adds: Wow, we should say 'HIA' to that call (all laughs)

 Can you tell us about your educational background?

 I have a Nursery, Primary, Secondary, Tertiary, Fashion School and 'School of Life' Experience. These are my educational background.

 How long would you say you have been in the business of fashion designing?

 Hmm (smiles) Over 10 years and trust me, it has been a fantastic experience since then.

 Asides being a fashion designer, do you indulge in other things?

 Wow. Yes. I am also a mushroom farmer, Fashion Consultant and a Sport Lover to mention a few.

 Interviewer adds in: That first statement came to us as a surprise. Totally out of what some of our readers would have thought of, I believe. That's really cool.

 Replies: (smiles) Thank you very much.

 As a designer, when you are being asked by a random person, if you involve strictly on designing male wears or mixed, what would be your response?

 OMG! You know, coming across such question always make me laugh. Over here, we do diverse wears, just as Nigeria is blessed and known for its diversity in culture. We make corporate, bridals, smart casual wears for male, female and hermaphrodites…as I will always add (laughs). Not also forgetting to add fashion consultations, trainings and advisory services.

 Interviewer adds in: That's Mind blowing. You are doing well.

 How would you rate the fashion industry in Nigeria today?

 Interesting question! So far, like our entertainment industry, Nigeria Fashion Industry has since announced its visible presence to the Global fashion world and has reasonably taken the front seat. Although, we still can do better considering our human capacity. This is all in my opinion.

 How would you want the Nigerian government to support the fashion industry?

 Government(s) could assist in numerous ways such as providing collateral, creating and supporting specific loans to SMEs or grants to those that achieve certain goals, like improving productivity or hiring additional personnel. They could also favour the fashion industry in their taxing policies.

 Interviewer adds in: Absolutely. I won't be wrong to say that the government has woken up to the idea of issuing grants and offering loans in some states. One tends to see 'pop up ads' concerning loans and grants in recent days. I don't know if anyone else has experienced or seen this. Anyways, we suggest the need for government to help in providing more reliable and trusted platforms for things like that.

 Interviewee: Exactly where my statement seeks to drive at. Thank you very much for that.

 Would you want to tell us how COVID-19 pandemic affected your business?

 (Sighs) Oh dear me...Nigeria and the world has been severely hit by the spread of COVID-19 and the 'associated sharp' micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs). All has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

A lot of work culture temporarily changed as companies like mine started to deploy mandatory work from home, since we have a massive off and online trainings, we changed our module operandi training and adopted selling products online to stay afloat.

 Interviewer adds in: Listening to your take on the issue, it really takes a strong-willed/courageous entrepreneur as you to actually scale through the challenging current "covid" pandemic. We really commend you and all growing entrepreneur. Don't be discouraged. After all, a smooth sail never made a great/legendary sailor.

 Replies: I really appreciate these words, Topflyers. Thank You.

 How do you relax?

 I love hanging around with young children and very old persons.

I also love hiking the mountains, bird watching, driving space cars and taking risks to unwind.

I am just a hand full when it comes to unwinding. Thanks for my spontaneous ability and high level of adaptability and listening to music does it for me too (smiles).

 Tell us about your love life. Are you single or into relationship or married?

 Simply put, I am in a relationship with my life. Let's keep it that way.

 Interviewer laughs: You're trying to dodge the question right? Anyway, it's cool, in a relationship with your life could also mean you are in... (Lips sealed)

 Replies: Not you trying to get me to spill it.

 (All laugh).

 To our readers, that was on a lighter note. Hope it helps.

 Moving on, Mr. Nathaniel, who are your idols or mentors in the Nollywood industry?

 Hmm!. Without thinking I will say Pete Edochie and Richard Mofe Damijo (RMD)

 Do you have provisions like seminar classes to train people under your brand?

 Oh yes. We have a multiple award winning initiative called PROJECT LET US SEW (P.L.U.S), where we have FREELY trained over 25,000 male and female, old and young in rural and urban areas, almost across all states of Nigeria and in few countries. In PLUS, we have trained attendees in the art and business side of garment making, pattern drafting and illustrations as well as other related crafts.

 Our major purpose with PLUS signature, effort of Nathaniel Enyinnaya aka Purest Angel, is to contribute to alleviating poverty and giving back to the society. We know and always let people know that, there is so much you can create with just your hands. So why not, but BE creative with it.

 What is your message to those who are looking up to you?

 With credits to the shoe Brand @Nike , My simple 3 words...JUST DO IT!

  Is there anyone you would like to give a special shout out to?

 Yes. I am giving a special shout out to my lovers, those who supported me and are still supporting my brand especially my parents, teachers and mentors. A Million "Thank You" won't be enough to show how grateful I feel for all you do.

 (Smiles) And of course, I won't forget to say hello to those who didn't give us a chance to grow. We are growing after all through God's infinite grace coming through. That should be all.

 Where do you hope to be in the next 5 to 10 years?

 For this, time is already telling.

 How can people reach out to you and your business services?

 You can always reach us on our facebook group with over 90 countries using this link stated below.


 On facebook


 Follow and message @angelpurest on Instagram.

 In addition, Thanks to the entire management of Topflyers Magazine for the privilege and time.  I can't love the brand less. Wishing the brand God's blessings always.

 Interviewer adds: Yes, you saw that correctly. Do well to check out the Creative works of a TOPFLYER Man/Fashion Designing guru, Nathaniel Enyinnaya on social media. I am pretty sure you would fall in love with his works as we do.

 That is it on this exclusive feature, Thank you for going through this session with us. Thanks to our special featured guest. You're an inspiration.

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 It's a wrap! (Smiles)

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