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I Want To Become a Successful Brand Influencer And Model To Many---Efua Edaki


Miss Efua Edaki is an undergraduate of Delta State University, Abraka, Delta State in the Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics, Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences. She hails from Esan South East Local Government Area, Ubiaja, Edo State, Nigeria and in time past has contested for Miss Photogenic Face of Topflyers Magazine but did not win. However, due to her resilience, she registered and contested for Topflyers magazine TOP INFLUENCER CHALLENGE 2020 and has emerged the winner. In this exclusive interview with Topflyers Magazine, she speaks of her inspiration and resilience.



(Pleasantries) We have the beautiful and elegant lady, the lady who out in all she does, the fairest of them all and the prestigious winner of TOP INFLUENCER CHALLENGE in the Topflyers Exclusive Interview Session. It's a pleasure to have you here ma'am.

(Replies) Oh My World (Smiles).  I am already blushing from these pleasantries. Thank you for having me here TOPFLYERS.

Who is Efua Edaki?

My name is Efua Edaki. I hail from Esan South East Local Government Area, Ubiaja, Edo State, Nigeria. I come from a family of 7. I am the third child out of five children although I lost my dad a few years back.

Interviewer adds in: May he continually rest peacefully in God's Bossom.

Replies: Amen.

Tell us about your educational background.

Well… I am an undergraduate of Delta State University, Abraka, Delta State. I am specifically a 300level student in the Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics, Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences.

How did you come about being a part of the TOP INFLUENCER CHALLENGE Contestant?

(Smiles) Since I came across the existence of Topflyers Magazine International, I have always hoped to form partnership with the organization. In achieving that, I registered for the May/June Miss Photogenic Face of Topflyers Magazine but I did not emerge the winner. Along the line, I came across  a publication for the Topflyer Influencer Challenge registration on their Instagram handle and was also encouraged by Honourable Musa Yahaya (who is the publisher of Topflyers Magazine International) to give it a try. So I opted in for it, as it was my desire to be part of the organization.

What does your concept of Brand Influencing entail?

(Smiles) In my best idea, an influencer is an individual or group who has the power to affect the purchasing decisions of others because of his or her authority, knowledge, position, or relationship with his or her audience. Therefore, a brand influencer is someone who forms partnership with a brand to engage and connect audiences, to promote the brand via all kinds of social media.

Are you signed to any management?              

No, I am not signed to any management.

What is your opinion on this innovative platform, TOP INFLUENCER CHALLENGE and do you think it should continue?

It is a brand that offers one great talents, skills, dreams and the opportunity to be recognized and I strongly wish for it to continue in order to bring the best out of aspiring individuals out there.

Interviewer adds in: That's great to know. It then means, at TOPFLYERS INTERNATIONAL, we are definitely doing something right to meaningfully engaged the youths.

Replies: Yes. The management are doing great for organizing this platform.

What is unique about you?

Sincerely, something I find unique about myself is my striving till the end in any venture. I don't give up in whatever i do, business or otherwise.

What is the essence of Social Media to you?

Social media goes a long way in influencing the mind. To me, social media has been a means of innovation, creativity and finding opportunities. This has taken me as far as where I am today (e.g an opportunity to participate in the TOP INFLUENCER challenge).

Was the contest challenging? What were your expectations before contesting and your expectations after winning?

Yes of course, the contest was challenging till the very end. My expectations before the contest was either a win or a win this time around and my expectations after the contest is to maximize every opportunity given to me by Topflyers magazine international.

Kindly tell us, how did you come about making your Influencer Video and what inspired the concept while making the video?

Actually, when I opted in to register for the challenge, I was given some requirements, of which the video was a necessity. At that point I wasn't at my comfort zone. I was at my daily routine job unprepared. I explained my situation to the lady in charge and my time limit was extended. When I got home, I rushed to create a video so I could meet up with the time I was given. What inspired me was the drive inside of me. I already saw myself in that position and I let it take hold of me. Of course I was tired and short of words but I couldn't let the opportunity pass by. I have always checked about the organization and I was a participant in their previous contest (Miss Photogenic) so I had ideas which could help me at that point. I did the best I could do and left the rest for God.

What do you think you were doing right that others were not which gave you an edge over other contestants and earned you the Win as TOP BRAND INFLUENCER?

Firstly, I know pretty well that many persons would crave to get this opportunity and it won't be an easy challenge. The best way I could be a potential winner was to adhere to every single criteria I was given. In my best knowledge, I think what I did right that gave me an edge over other contestants was the repost, tagging Topflyers on the Instagram handles of my fans and also the confirmation of votes on YouTube by subscribing to Topflyers TV channel.

Where do you hope to be in the next few years and which other brand collaboration are you looking forward to?

In the next few years from now, I hope to be a successful influencer and a role model to many with the same dreams. I would love to work in collaboration with brands under fashion and entertainment industries.

You are now entitled, recognized and verified as a Brand Influencer. What are your favorite income making industries which you would like to be a part of. (In a country we have atleast 3 sectors that bring income for people e.g Entertainment/Show biz; Manufacturing Industry; Fashion and Beauty Industry, Building/Construction Industry etc.)

I would love to be a part of the Entertainment/ Showbiz and the Fashion & beauty industry.

Who are your favorite Personalities in the World?

My favorite personalities in the world are "Kylie Jenner" and “Linda Ikeji".

Interviewer adds in: Kylie Jenner… Linda Ikeji. Interesting personalities we must say.

What do you have to say about the end SARS /police brutality protest? Do you find the actions of Nigerians surprising or you are in support of the cause of the protest.

Not undermining the recent happening in the Country concerning #Endsarsprotest, I strongly support the ongoing protestas this is a way we can stand for our rights as citizens of Nigeria. I plead to the authorities for support and a solution to End SARS/police brutality as to protect our lives and properties. One nation bound in freedom, Peace and unity..

Thank you

What is your inspiration in Life?

My inspiration towards life is "work hard till your signature becomes your autograph".

Just For Fun: A game of Words: Make Words with each letters in the word TOP INFLUENCER

T- Taking

O- Over

P- Places


IN- increasing the brand

F- Following instructions

L- Listening to people

U- Uniting the world

E- Expanding horizons

N- Never giving up

C- Creativity at its peak

E- Excellence all round

R- Ready to act

Interviewer adds in: That is extremely creative of you. The words really add up.

Replies: (smiles) Thank You.

How would you use your position as BRAND INFLUENCER and what do you hope to achieve for yourself and the Platform that brought you to limelight (Topflyers International)

Given the position as a Brand Influencer representing Topflyers Magazine International in Nigeria, I will do my very best to promote the company's name and brand which will also create opportunities for me to partner with other brands.

How can people reach or contact you?

You can contact me via WhatsApp/call: +2349077215005.

You can also reach me via my I.G handle and Facebook @osobaseefua

How do you feel being the TOP BRAND INFLUENCER of the Month (August/September Edition) on Topflyers Magazine International?

I feel excited and grateful to Topflyers Magazine International and I genuinely hope to work with them as the emerging winner of TOP BRAND INFLUENCER of the month, August/September.

Is there anything we have not asked you that you will like to tell us and your fans know or a special shout out to someone?

I want to say a very big thank you to God and to all my fans out there. it would have been nothing without you... I love you all.

Efua Edaki signing out! Watch out for "The Brand Efua".



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