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Corona Virus Is A Sign Of The End Time-------D’Bling (South-African based minister)



Amb. Lindsay Amaka Ralph, popularly by her stage name “D’Bling” is a graduate from the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN), a multi-award winning Actress/Singer, Writer, Fashion Icon and a United Nations' Ambassador for Peace. She started modelling in 1993 with some famous celebrities and Personality; the likes of Kate Henshaw, Eucharia Anunobi, Toyin Raji and Ramsey Noah. The South-African based minister of God in this interview with TopFlyers Magazine International as the Entrepreneur of the Month, October 2020, speaks about her rise to fame, relationship with God and her career ambition(s).


Interviewer: It's another edition of our Exclusive interview and trust us to bring to you the best of entertaining yet inspiring interview you can't get anywhere else. We are most pleased to have a rare gem and a force to reckon with in the industry here on Topflyers Magazine Exclusive Session.

Welcome Ma'am!!

Amb. Lindsay: (Smiles) Thank you so much. It is a great pleasure once again.

Let's meet you?

My name is Amb. Lindsay Amaka Ralph also known as “D’Bling”. I am from Enugu State, Nigeria.

Tell us about your educational qualification?

Alright. (Smiles) I am a BSc. degree holder in Entrepreneurship/Business Administration from the Prestigious National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN).

How was your growing up like? 

I was brought up in a well-disciplined background. My father was a military personnel and my mother a prophet of God.

It appears you are multi-talented. You are an actress and a pastor. Can you tell us how you are able to do all of these and still stand strong?

(Laughs) First of all, I am a multi-award winning Actress/ Singer, Writer, Fashion Icon and also a United Nations Ambassador for Peace.

I am happily married (10years and counting). God has been my strength and with God by my side, I have been able to create a balance in all that I do.

Do you think the Entertainment industry has been making you proud?

Yes, for sure. The Nigerian Entertainment Industry has made me proud. The industry has grown in leaps and bounds and now we are getting paid in millions having collaborations with Hollywood Superstars, and also getting nominated for Grammy’s award.

I am a veteran actress, and I have paid my dues in the Nigerian Entertainment Industry. We actually started it all. I started modelling in 1993 with the likes of Kate Henshaw, Eucharia Anunobi, Toyin Raji, Ramsey Noah etc. I worked with Modella, Rosabel Advert Agency and Swift Studios. Then, there was no money in the Entertainment industry. We were the ones that paid the way for the models that are here now. I went into acting in the year 1996. I started with the likes of Jim Iyke, Lilian Bach, Trishia Asiegbu, Steph-nora Okere etc; of which as at then we were paid peanuts. I thank God for now because the new actors are reaping from what we sowed; they are enjoying our hard labor. I professionally went into music in the year 2007, rebranded myself and became D’Bling; released my first single titled ‘Let’s Bling’, and then released my album titled, ‘FABULOUS’ in 2010.

Right now, I am concentrating on my NGO under my foundation: D’Bling Foundation/ Celebrity Love for Orphans. I have my own Reality TV Show titled ‘Celebrity Love for Orphans’ and I am also trying to build an Orphanage home in South-Africa and Atlanta, Georgia. At the moment, I am in South-Africa running my ministry, GOD IS LOVE Worldwide Ministry. I have channeled all my energy in trying to make the world a better place.

Can you tell us some of the people you have worked with in the entertainment industry in Nigeria?

I have worked with Majek Fashek, I collaborated with him in two songs for my album. I also worked with Blackface, Zaaki Adzay, Durella etc .

Do you have a mentor or personality on both National and International level you would like to collaborate with sooner or later?

I would like to work with Sinach, she's a Nigerian gospel singer. Internationally, I would like to work with Kirk Franklin, Kanye West and Hillsong.

It appears you have relaxed in acting, but do more in preaching the gospel of God.  How did you come about being a pastor?

(Smiles) Not really, as a matter of fact, I am producing a new movie which will be coming out very soon. I always knew that I had a calling from God, but it took long before I answered my calling, I thank God for His goodness and mercy in my life. I was a dreamer like Joseph in the Bible. Right from when I was growing up, I would always dream and it will come to pass. I always had spiritual encounters with God and the Holy Spirit would talk to me and reveal a lot of things to me. I knew that there was something special about me, and finally I answered my calling, and now I am at Peace. God is faithful.

Interviewer cuts in: That's amazing to know.

 Do you see anything wrong with a true man of God being a “bus conductor”?

Well...There is nothing wrong with a man of God being a conductor. God is not a respecter of a person. God chooses whoever he wants, be it a driver, teacher or fisherman. God chooses the foolish things of the world to confound the wise. Being a woman of God has humbled me and brought me down to earth. You have to serve to become a leader.

What is your favorite childhood experience and if you were to rekindle happy moment(s) in your life, what would they be?

My favorite childhood experience was, when I was a little girl growing up, I would always gather many children together, compose rap songs and then teach them how to rap. I was always a leader and won most dancing competitions (laughs). The happiest moment in my life was when I surrendered my life to Jesus Christ and accepted him as my Lord and personal Savior.

What social vices or challenges would you like to address in this digital age?

That's a good question. I would like to address the use of social media. In most cases, the wrong information is been put out. There are misleading information on topic such as religion, morality and societal values; Hence, we have a steady increase in false information. My wish is for more voices to be heard with the right information, so we can have a society that is better educated and enlightened.

What's the next big plan your fans should expect from you.

There are so many big plans. However, my next big plans are, releasing my 18track Gospel Album, starting a church and building orphanage homes across the globe.

Describe yourself in one word?


What is your take on coronavirus pandemic ravaging the whole world? Do you think this is a sign of end time?

Corona virus is a sign of the end time, because we are living in the end time already. Strange things are happening everyday; there has been so many disasters, tribulations and tragedy going on in the world; chaos everywhere, a lot of people are sick and many are dead; rape cases everywhere, racial problems and killing going on in the world. Trials of all kind, people are living in fear. This pandemic has caused a lot of damages already to the whole world, and the only place that we can find peace is through God, so I reckon that it is time for us to surrender our lives to God and find peace.

Corona virus is a sign of end time and it is also a time for us to reflect on our lives and draw closer to God because we need God to go through these challenges and trial period. This Pandemic is also a wake up call for Change. The world has gone digital; we are in the next level. Currently, people can work from their homes with the internet and, this pandemic is also a wake up call for African leaders, to put more efforts in infrastructure and building of hospitals.

Kindly let the world know how they should contact you or your social media platforms to reach out to you?

You can contact me on my Facebook account, D’Bling Lindsay or my email address, dblingdiamond@gmail.com

How do you relax and what's your favorite food?

I relax by spending quality time with God. As a writer,  I do a lot of writing, and I also love to spend some time with the children at the orphanage home. My favorite food is Sea food and I like eating Jollof rice.

How do you feel being the Entrepreneur of the Month?

I feel grateful and honored; God bless TopFlyers Magazine.

The team is doing great. Special appreciation to my fans and supporters. Stay glued to what is to come. Everyone Keep reading TOPFLYERS MAGAZINE INTERNATIONAL. Thank you.

Corona Virus is real. While you pray, take precautions, use hand sanitizers, wash your hand regularly, self-isolate yourself, wear face mask and hand gloves. To be featured on Topflyers Magazine, for advert placement, event coverage, placement of articles, etc at cheap rates, call or Whatsapp us via 08030808671

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