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When Men Think All Is Over, God Takes Over---Mamuzee Twins

Akpos Dixon and Andos Dixon are twin brothers who have bagged many national and international awards for their matchless contributions to the music industry. They are also Nigerian ambassadors to the United Nations and have featured various popular musicians such as “Tekno” in their songs. Some of their musical videos have also been directed by the popular movie director, Darl Hart. It is worth adding that their song, "Most Beautiful Woman" has been used for International pageants like the Miss World and other pageants. They are also recipients of Toflyers Award of Excellence. In this exclusive interview with Topflyers Magazine International, the twins speak about their early life, rise to stardom, achievements, challenges and future projects. Excerpts:


 Welcome to this exclusive session with TOPFLYERS MAGAZINE International.

 Thank you very much Topflyers Magazine. We are glad to finally be here!

 Can you tell us about the “Mamuzee”?

 Our names are Akpos Antonio Mamuzee Dixon and Andos Andrey Mamuzee Dixon popularly known as the Mamuzee twins. We are gospel ministers and business men. That is one of our major professions but we are also educationally and professionally trained as a doctor and a lawyer respectively.

 How did you come about the name “Mamuzee”?

The name “Mamuzee” simply means “twins” in Bayelsan language. We are from Bayelsa State, Nigeria, So Mamuzee simply means twins (smiles).

 What are your educational backgrounds?

As noted earlier, we studied medicine and Law respectively as our educational degrees.

 How were your growing up like?

(Smiles) Our growing was beautiful. It was amazing because we were born in Ghana (to a strange land) as children of an ambassador to Nigeria who lives in Ghana and of course the son to DBU (Double Breasted).

 (Interviewer cuts in) Wow! It means, you both had something like a smooth ride all through growing up, considering what you just said.

 (Sighs & smiles) We could say yes to that. You know growing up was sweet and crazy. You either speak French while in the house or you speak the native dialect. So that was how all of us (all my dad's children) learned how to speak the Bayelsan language because we had two choices - French or the Bayelsan language (our Nigerian native dialect). Interestingly, we had aunties and uncles who were staying with us, so as they were always speaking the Nigerian dialect, we just picked it up. It was simply beautiful. Growing up was great. Another special angle is the fact that we are twins and do/did everything alike. It was just really amazing (Smiles).

 At what point in your career did you transit from secular music to Gospel and what was the reason for the transition?

 A lot of people have asked this question about why we diverted to gospel music. Truth is, as secular artists then, we were very comfortable. We have been around the world; we have had countless shows around the world; we have properties in Nigeria (houses and cars) and we were doing really well. However, I think it was God's touch. Our case was an encounter with God. Using the Biblical Saul story, it was like Saul in the Holy Bible who was blinded for a second till he encountered God. Our case was also an encounter with God. God showed forth and we had no choice but to do what we are born to do. I tell people this: "Nine months in the belly is to do two things --- To help humanity and to sing for God".\

 Do you have other side works apart from music?

 Yes of course! We are professional business men. We are into entertainment as you already know. We involve in construction, hospitality business and transportation business. We are into a lot of businesses basically and we are humbly blessed by His mercy to have all these privileges.

 You recently released a song titled "Issa Goal". What is the rationale behind this song?

 You see, what needs to be understood and the rationale behind the song is this: "life is a football field". Following how Williams Shakespeare described it, "Life is a stage, so when you don't act properly. It depends on you to determine whether the crowd will applaud you or 'boo' you. Regardless, Mamuzee Twins are telling you that "the world itself is a football field. Don't give up, even if your opponent scores you so many times in the first half. In The Second half, anything can happen" So the song "Issa Goal" is telling everyone to be mindful of their mindsets because that is the determinant of destiny. Believe that before the end of the day, you will score your goal. In summary, we are telling people to be confident and have faith in God and for them to score the goal (be successful) in the end (Smiles).

 How long have you been singing?

As secular artists, we had been into the music for close to two decades. It was quite crazy though. In those two decades, we released our first song "Jehovah Na God" in 1998 - 1999. Then the second album was released titled "Our Time". The album had beautiful songs like Jehovah Na God, Bo-bo, If You Want To Marry and all that in it. After that, we released another song again called Awigory. Awigory was one of the songs that won us the Chanel Awards and Core Awards as well. After "Awigory", we released the song "Aristo".

 "Aristo" was the song that made the United Nations appoint us as their ambassadors. The lyrics of the Song were made to discourage aristocratism, cultism and social vices in universities. I would say it was a revolutionary song which was not just amazing to us but to a lot of people. We toured round all universities in Nigeria (Federal, State owned and Private owned Universities). The experience was super amazing.

 Finally, we had to make and release a new album. This was the period we were arrested and redirected by God. We produced the song, went to Scotland, Sheffield and London to shoot this video and the video did not see the light of the day. If we tell you how much this video is, we bet you would scream. The song featured Nigeria musician, Tekno.

 In the musical video alone that we dressed like Spartacus, It was directed by the popular movie director, Darl Hart. The CGI was done by Michael Yog Yog. These are professional movie creatives in the United Kingdom and United States. They were the people that we employed to shoot and make this song. The song is titled Page. When we finished producing the song which had cost hundred thousands of pounds, I am not talking ten thousand pounds (10,000) neither Is it 20 thousand or 30 thousand pounds. It was hundreds of thousands of pounds and we were hoping that marketers were going to be calling us left and right because they saw the pictures. (Laughs) When we got back to Nigeria, it was a different ball game. Nobody called again. We were just there but God revealed Himself to me and my twin (brother). For the record, this is not a made up story, this happened. God appeared and told us that, "you are destined to sing for me, and if you don't sing for me, I will seize and I will close heaven against You".  Trust me, for almost one year, heaven seemed to be and was shut against us. It was a problem. This was a music project which we had gone to the U.K, Sheffield and Scotland to shoot a music video worth hundred thousands of pounds. God dealt with us until one day we decided to say, “okay, let us do what we are destined to do”.

 Immediately after this situation, we released the song named, NO ARGUMENT. Guess what, the first time we released this song, "No Argument", that same week unknown men shot bullets at us on our way to a passport office. It was crazy honestly. About 69 pallets of bullet shot at our car which ripped it off. We sustained bullet injuries on our necks and on my brother's back which we had to travel out of Nigeria to receive proper intensive treatment at Manhattan Community Hospital in the U.S. This was just how God took over everything so 'No argument'.

 How many songs do you have to your credit so far?

 I listed some before, so I will add others to it.

We have "Zoza", which we shot in South Africa, "Inosah be God", "Bobo", "Awigory". We also have "If You want to Marry", "African Dance", "Aristo", "Aola"

 (Andos interjects): A number or couple of songs though (smiles).

Guess what? Our song, "Most Beautiful Woman" was used for International pageants like the Miss World and other pageants. So that's just it.

 (Akpos adds in): That reminds me, we also did a song alongside the legendary OJB (of late blessed memory, May his soul rest in perfect peace) for UNICEF and United Nations. That song was called "I believe". It was sponsored by the United Nations. It is a beautiful and amazing song too. Sadly, that was the last song we did together with him (OJB) before he passed on.

 (Interviewer adds in): We join in saying, "May his soul (Legendary OJB) rest in Peace". Meanwhile, you really have made the music Industry proud. Knowing your story which you have shared with us so far is really inspiring and expository as we have more we would like to know. We are sure most people would have not known this until now. On a lighter note: At this point we can say you deserve those accolades (smiles)

 (Brothers laugh): Thank You very Much.

 Are you signed to any label or you are "your own Managers"?

 We are not signed to any label right now because, we actually have our own label…Like I told you, we own a couple of companies with the headquarters at U.S. We have branches in U.K, South Africa with secretaries in all these places. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we locked down all offices until just 3days back where we opened the U.S headquarter office. We formerly signed with some big time business men, but now we are on our own. Like you said, we are our own managers. I am managing my brother and my brother is managing me (Laughs). That's just it.

 What have been your challenges in the entertainment industry in Nigeria?

 Currently, I feel the challenges in the entertainment industry are vast. We do not have a data base where songs are being paid as royalties. Now we hear some of our regulatory bodies having clashes (PMAN and COPSON). The system is defecated on (permit me to say) so we need a total cleansing of the system. First of all, we need the old schools to pack up and let the new school handle these copy right organizations. As we speak, the court has disbanded *CO..."* So collective rights are no more. Although, before it was disbanded, Okoroji sent Seyi Allen to call me and let me know I had royalties of almost 10 or 11 million naira. I have not collected that money yet and now the court has disbanded the cases and we heard they spent some of the money to bail/bill the Secretariat. So, the whole system in the Nigerian music industry is messed up. We thank God that the new generation which involves people like Davido came out and kind of strengthened it and made us understand the business aspect of entertainment as well. We are a growing organization and hope that it will get better.

 (Andos adds in) One of the few future challenges we also have is the fact that there are no insurance for artists. You can imagine singing for over 20 to 30 years and there's no job or at the end of the day, one falls ill and dies just like that or goes public and start begging money. So this insurance thing is a challenge and we hope that something is put in place to address it.

 Currently, COVID-19 pandemic is ravaging the whole world’s economy. Do you see this ending soon and what do you suggest is the way forward in line with your music?

 First and foremost, as a gospel artist, we believe that this pandemic will end and there will be no loss in Jesus name. Secondly, I know that it will come to an end. The truth is, everything in Life has a beginning and an end. No wonder the Bible said, "He is the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. So we believe strongly in my spirit that COVID-19 will leave or have a cure very soon. The world will come back.

 You were honoured by TOPFLYERS MAGAZINE Award of Excellence for your contribution towards the growth of entertainment in Nigeria, how do you feel about this?

 The truth is this, we have received a lot of accolades from all parts of the World. God has been really faithful to us as gospel ministers. However, receiving the Award of Excellence from TOPFLYERS MAGAZINE was beautiful. At the day of the event, we were not even in Nigeria; we were in the United States (laughs) but guess what, Mr. Musa Yahaya, an amazing man of integrity who is also the CEO of the magazine and his partners from Canada ensured all the way that the award got presented to us.

 (Andos adds in) We are talking about the contribution to growth of the entertainment industry. On a personal level, I still feel, I haven't done enough yet, but I am optimistic that by the end of the year, the world would see what I have done. However, I so much appreciate the Award (Smiles).

 (Interviewer adds in): We are glad to hear you both say the gesture meant so much to you and you termed it "deserving".  I mean, "We are doing well".

(All laughs)

 We know to an extent that both of you are married but let's act like we didn't know this before now. So, Are you both married?

 (Laughs) I do feel my being married is an old gist. But well I understand that not everyone may have known this before or, for the sake of the upcoming youths and young ones who probably are just coming across the name "Mamuzee Twins" from reading this Interview, I would be answering this question as clearly as I can. My twin brother and I are happily married with children.

 How can your fans reach out to you?

 Our fans can reach out to us via our social media handles on Instagram @mamuzeetwins1 and @mamuzeetwins2

On Facebook, we have (Dixon Twins) and we also have, (Mamuzee Brothers) on Facebook.

On Twitter it is @mamuzeetwins.

Most importantly, you can watch our videos on youtube channel @official Mamuzee twins

 What project(s) are your currently working on?

 We have so many projects on the pipe line. What most people don't know about us also is that we are presenters and actors. We have featured in a couple of international movies abroad and some local movies. Right now we are anchoring a programme as presenters which will be airing on T.V. stations soon. The programme is called "Reflections". The programme basically talks about your reflection when you look at the mirror. What you see is what you get. Coming to real life, that which you sow is what you reap. So remarkably, it's the first talk show in the World that sees issues from both sides of the coin and we're proud to say that it was our idea. We grew it and God has blessed it (smiles).

How do you relax?

Our relaxation process is that we watch movies, read alot, sing, and everything we do is relaxation. We also go swimming and play all kinds of games for relaxation.

What's your favorite meal?

Now this might surprise a lot of people. Nigerians, it is not about forming, please this is real pure truth. My favorite meal is Salad. Everybody knows that Mamuzee's favorite meal is Salad. It could be vegetable salad, fruit salad, but it has to be Salad. (Smiles)

(Interviewer adds in): Really, That is quite strange.

What's your message to your fans out there?

My simple message to my fans and people out there is "When Men think all is over, God takes over. So relax, don't give up, this too will pass."

Thank you Nigeria, Africa, United States and the world at large. Thanks for the love so far and don't stop supporting us - the MAMUZEE Twins. Stream our Gospel music on all platforms.

Thank you to a real one – Topflyers Magazine International. Thank you for this exclusive session. Greater heights to all the TEAM. Mamuzee Twins signing out now.

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