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Our Products Are Better Than Some Foreign Products---Chief Paxy Elekima, GMD, Raxon Culler Gold Ltd



Raxon Culler Gold Ltd is one of the fast-rising Nigerian companies boosting the economy of Nigeria by helping reduce unemployment especially among Nigerian youths. The company produces textiles, medical gowns, medical scrubs, corporate skirts and blouses, wedding suits and gowns and security outfits for individuals, private organizations and governments. In this interview with the Group Managing Director of the company, Chief Paxy O.T.L Elekima, he speaks on the company’s challenges, aspirations and offers to Nigerians and the world at large.



Can you tell us about yourself?

My names are Chief Paxy O.T.L Elekima. I am from Rivers State, Nigeria and I am the Group Managing Director of Raxon Culler Gold Ltd. I have a first degree in politics and economics. I have a Master degree in International relations. I started my PhD on international relations where I tried to specialize in foreign policy and diplomacy at the University back in Austria. I was in Switzerland, Germany and in Asia in University of Bombay and I tried to be in the School of International Relations to have a career diploma. I speak Dutch, English amongst others.

What is the nature of your business?

We have Raxon Culler Gold Nigeria and Raxon Culler Gold Limited, Canada. Raxon Culler Gold is a member of Clinotech Group Canada. We are into textiles Production. We also produce medical gowns, medical scrubs, corporate bespoke suit and trousers for males and females, corporate skirts and blouses, wedding suits and gowns, security outfits for private individuals and governments, native Niger-Delta wears (Kaftan, Ettibo), London premium handkerchiefs; and face masks which have been approved by the Standard Organization of Nigeria (SON).

Raxon Culler Gold Ltd has Raxon Hand Sanitizers and we also produce Raxon disinfectants. In this period of Corona Virus, we have taken care a lot of medical situations in Nigeria.

Raxon Culler Gold is one of the major manufacturers of packet shirts. We produce for schools, Police, Army amongst others within West Africa, Africa, and ECOWAS in general.

Who is/are the director(s) of Raxon Culler Gold Ltd?

Our company (Raxon Culler Gold Ltd) has 3 major directors, that is, myself - Chief  Paxy O.T.L Elekima; Group Managing Director, Dr. Harrison E. Ofiya (who is a PhD holder in Medicals and also the Group Managing Director and the President of Clinotech Group Canada). Then, we have D.I.G, retired Habila Joshak, the Executive Director, operation for Raxon Culler Gold Ltd.

In what ways has the company contributed to the development of the economy of Nigeria?

We have more than 150 Sewing machines. We create employments, train and retrain entrepreneurs. We have our experience from the Turkish fabric and fashion and also Bangladesh. We have also remained in constant touch with Turkish ambassadors and Bangladesh Ambassadors to carry along more Nigerians to be trained in the fashion industry. This is why we try to get more people to train so that people don't lack employment. People should do things with their hands and earn a living. Today when you look at the economy of Nigeria, Turkey does not have so much oil. What Turkey does is solely Fashion Design. I was trained in Germany and the days we were in Germany, the Turkish people were the labourers in Germany until when Turkish government decided to train Turkish people living in Germany, France, Paris, Asia and Italy, for fashion designing. This today is their major source of income and living.

Today, fashion-wise, if you wear Turkish clothes, people think 'you have arrived' (you have become successful) but let me tell you one thing that will surprise you: every day in Nigeria, there are two flights that leave for Istanbul. They go to Turkey to buy fabrics, wears, suits and we think instead of this large number of people flying outside the country, which is capital flight. we need to bring them in to the country to train Nigerians to do the clothes that they want. We have about 180 million people in this country and if only two or three million Nigerians patronize us, we would dominate the market. We have promised that we would train about four thousand Nigerians and West Africans in the fashion industry. Today, we are producing sanitizers. We want to also train Nigerians, men and women to manufacture and produce home-made sanitizers, disinfectants and face masks. What we are producing today in Nigeria is of international standard, that can compete in any global market. So, be Nigerian, buy Nigeria-made products. That is our “slogan”.

How do you feel knowing that Topflyers Magazine International is promoting Raxon Culler Gold Ltd?

We are very happy…so, thank you very much Topflyers Magazine for promoting our vision and company to the world.

Chief Paxy Elekima

How long have you been an entrepreneur and how old is Raxon Culler Gold Ltd??

We started 5 years ago. We were in Turkey. I know Pysmaco production, publishers of Topflyers magazine has delved into Nollywood, from Nollywood to Zee World and today, you have one of the best magazines in the world. So we want to be like you. That is why we chose to have your magazine to make sure these products are going on and we are going to work with you for a very long time.

Can you tell us what your challenges in the company have been?

The major challenge is that Nigerians prefer foreign products to locally made ones. Most Nigerians prefer made-in-China products to made-in-Nigeria products. However, today, because of the Corona Virus, when we see Chinese goods, we run away. Central Bank is now helping to make sure we have our cotton industry so that we have these Cottons produced in Nigeria. The tailors are Nigerians. So the major challenge that we have is that people see our products as 'Made In Nigeria' (inferior compared to foreign products). For many years now, I wear only the products of Raxon Culler Gold to promote them and they are better than the goods we buy in Turkey, London, Paris, if we Nigerians and our government don’t support and patronize the home made products, how can we make it?

As the TOPFLYERS MAGAZINE International Entrepreneur Of the Month, What Entrepreneurial advice would you give to the government.

 My advice to the Government is that, they should support businesses and build industries. So that, the Men and Women of Nigeria will not be on the street as way-wards. We want Nigerians to buy Nigeria made products. When I read on the news about the different billions or looting of some officials, I see it as wasting of their time because you can lie to humans but can't lie to God. Everyone has a day to die and God will ask "What did you do when you were alive?". I would like to say that what differentiates us, Raxon Culler Gold as employment creators from the government is that we know how many people we can employ and we have been able to train a thousand Citizens of Nigeria and other countries as well as empowered them with manufacturing skills for them to be their own employers of labour.

 What has been your driving force so far?

Personally, as I have always told my wife which she understands, I want to help people, to put children in school; at least 100 children who are orphans or whose parents are alive and can not train the children. I want to train them up to University level to become graduates as well as give scholarship to them. We as a Fashion and manufacturing Brand Company can sew all their uniforms and perhaps when They are on holidays, they can come to the manufacturing factory to learn or get trained on the skills we provide and offer. This is what we want in Raxon Culler Gold.

To lastly add, my personal prayer is to train and support these children so that when one finally leaves this world for good, they will not only see my children but also see the people I have helped surround me. This is what I want for myself.

 What is your advice to the Youth or aspiring entrepreneurs?

My advice to the Youth is, they should be willing to work diligently and legitimately. If God created you and we meet, if I have a way of helping a person, I will help because that is the only way I can advise them. To the youths all over the world, encourage yourself, work hard, improve your life standards, restrict yourself from anything that you know is evil.

The Youths into smoking or taking drugs, you don't need to. It does not solve the problem. Quit doing all that and try to make yourself a better person by going to school or getting enrolled for a youth empowerment program which Raxon Culler Gold also offers to create employment. Just be religious and Love God. This is my final advice to all of them.

How can people reach Raxon Culler Gold Ltd for trainings, sponsorship, partnership and consultancy?


Abuja Office:  No 7, Dunokofia Street, Opp. Nnpc Quarters By Southern Fried Chicken, Area 11, Garki, Abuja.

Port Harcourt Office:  33 Nsirim,  Street, Off Ada-George/Ikwerre Road, Port Harccourt, River State.

 Uk Office: 456 Kingsland Road, London. E8 4ae

Tel: +447 886 452 508

Canada Office: #2101-11871 Horsesehoeway, Riverside Industrial Park, Richmond, Bc, V74 5h5, Canada

Tel: +1. 604. 370. 2205

Email: paxydaniel@yahoo.com, askrcgold@yahoo.com

TEL: +234.703.248.5509, +234.807.777.9016, +234.813.859.6146


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