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If I Were To Quit Acting, I Would Become A Fashion Designer---Matilda Lambert, Veteran Nollywood Thespian And Producer


Dynamically talented and meteorically advancing Matilda Lambert is a Nollywood actress, filmmaker, entrepreneur, humanitarian and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Tilda Goes Green (TGG) Foundation. She hails from Ngo-town, Andoni Local Government Area, Rivers State, Nigeria.  Having cut her teeth as an actor in the movie industry, the industrious lady veered into film making and her movies have collectively brought her to limelight making her one of the fast rising Nollywood actresses to beat at the moment. In this personality special interview of August 2020 with Topflyers Magazine International, she speaks about her growing up, humanitarian works, Nollywood industry, and the reason she doesn’t talk about her relationship in public.



We have the one and only Matilda Lambert here with us on our Personality Special Edition, Welcome Matilda.

 (Smiles) Thank you Topflyers Magazine.

 Tell us about yourself?

 My name is Matilda Lambert, a Nollywood actress, filmmaker, entrepreneur and humanitarian. I am the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of TILDA GOES GREEN Foundation (TGG), an NGO that focuses on tackling the environmental degradation and offering of scholarships to the less privileged kids in the Niger Delta area of Nigeria. I am from Ngo-town in Andoni Local Government Area of River State, Nigeria. I attended Police Children School and later, Federal Government Girls' School in Abuloma, all in Rivers State before proceeding to the University of Abuja where I bagged my first degree in Philosophy and then a Master's Degree in Social Political Philosophy.

As an actress, I have been featured in several movies including Blood and Conscience, Prophecy, De Bishop, The Engagement, Career Woman, Hit and Run Lover and many more. I have also produced wave making movies such as Deepest Cut and Instaguru which have been receiving special recognition locally and internationally including a befitting memento at the last Hollywood and African Prestigious Awards---HAPAwards held in the United States of America where I won “Best Independent Film Actress in 2018”.

Other prestigious recognitions I have bagged are: Niger Delta Youth Peace Awards, 2018; Ambassador Nollywood New Yam Festival, 2018; Lady of The Moment Divas Queen Award, 2018; The Nigerian Goodwill Ambassador's award as Nollywood Next Rated Actress 2016; Divas Award Calabar; Award of Excellence, 2016; Face of Candy City Award as The Most Beautiful Actress of The Year 2017; Monnel Modelling Award as The Most Influential Actress of The Year 2017; Miss Patriot Nigeria 2018 as The Patriot South South Movie Icon of the Year 2018; African Leading Women Award, 2019 just to mention but a few.

As part of my literary prowess and corporate social responsibility, I have hosted several top shows such as the Seyi Law Fast and Funny red-carpet show in 2016, The Face of Candy City 2017, The Most Beautiful Girl in Abuja Pageant 2016, The Lagos Fashion Awards 2016 and many others.

In 2019, I produced 3 movies: Kendra, Star Girl and my latest effort, an interestingly scintillating flick full of didactic lessons "UNROYAL" which was premiered in Port-Harcourt on the 15th of March and released in cinemas on the 23rd of March, 2020 just before the COVID-19 lockdown. The movie features some of Africa's best actors, the Legendary Pete Edochie, Shaffy Bello, myself, Matilda Lambert, Blossom Chukwujekwu, Okon Lagos, Ik Ogbonna, Linda Osifo and other amazing actors.

Interviewer adds in: Wow! That is alot. I am sure the readers will say so too.

Did you as a child ever dream of becoming an actress?

No! Surprisingly (laughs) I had no idea of seeing myself as or becoming an actress.

You studied Philosophy in your first degree at the University of Abuja. Has your knowledge of philosophy assisted in shaping your movie career in anyway?

Philosophy is the study of wisdom and the mother of sciences, and as such it cuts across all spheres of life. There's a field within Philosophy called “Hedonism” which focuses on the pursuit of pleasure and self-indulgence. A person chooses his or her actions on the basis of how much pleasure or pain the actions could cause. So I will say the knowledge of philosophy also helped to shape my career as it is applied in almost everything I do.

It has helped me in seeing things differently from a lay man’s point of view and that has enabled my thoughts towards the right direction and how I interact with people. As an actor and producer, the branch of Philosophy called “aesthetics” which is the science of beauty has shaped my productions especially in areas of props and set designs, locations, cast and overall presentation even in acting. So it is a big “yes” that philosophy has indeed contributed to my career and life.

Interviewer cuts in: That's amazing to know.

You have a Non-Governmental Organization, "Tilda Goes Green". Tell us about it?

Tilda Goes Green (TGG) is a sustainable development goal program to “green” the Creeks of the Niger Delta by using one Eco-Citizen at a time. TGG is a social capital development initiative for green Economy in Africa. Today, with global annual temperatures approaching 2-degree Celsius and carbon emissions at 300parts per-million (PPM), the eco-systems have been compromised. As a result, nature is constantly losing her abilities to regenerate at the rate of human activities, leaving millions of people to face natural disasters, health epidemics and fast-growing humanitarian crises across vulnerable communities in Africa.

In the light of the growing challenges of the climate change in the Niger-Delta region, TILDA GOES GREEN FOUNDATION is driven and committed to creating a Green Economy for the next generation of the Niger Delta by securing a future founded on its progressive 12 Goal agenda which include; Eco-Education, Eco-Innovation, Eco-Culture, Eco-Villages, Eco-lifestyles, Eco-Science, Eco-Reel, Eco-Fashion, Eco- Tourism, Eco-Business etc. Hence, to take responsibility of the future, TGG has resolved to create Green Communities, launching Eco-Advocacy campaigns, promoting Eco-Heritage and capacity building of the next generations of GREEN-Guardians of the environment as to accelerate the sustainable development of the Niger Delta Area in particular and the entire world at large.

How lucrative is the movie industry?

The Nigerian movie industry is undoubtedly helping create jobs in a country with an economy that relies mainly on oil and agriculture. Over a million people are currently employed in the industry, making it the country's largest employer after agriculture. Nollywood produces about 50 movies per week, second only to India's Bollywood, more than Hollywood. Although its revenues are not on same level with Bollywood and Hollywood, Nollywood still generates an impressive $590 million annually. Believing that if the industry is properly managed, a million more jobs could be created in the sector, the world-bank is currently assisting the Nigerian government to create a growth and employment in states project to support the entertainment industry, along with other industries. Film industry analysts believe that the Nigerian Cinema is the most popular in the continent. Nollywood films have a large following in Africa and among Africans around the world. The Africa film industry is not only an entertainment industry; it is also a MONEY MAKER.

Considering your fame in Nollywood and the income therein, can you call yourself a billionaire?

(Laughs) I am not a billionaire yet but soon I will be by God’s special Grace.

Interviewer adds in: Definitely Matilda. You are doing pretty amazing from what you have opened up about yourself so far and we believe you are here for the TOP in your career. On a lighter note, It is safe to call on Teni entertainer for her to sing the Song "Billionaire" at this point (laughs)

Many actors and actresses like you always want to go beyond being at the stage of acting to being producers. What are the advantages of being a producer over being a mere actor?

There are many advantages of being not just an actor but also a producer. For instance, as a producer, you have the power to choose the character you want in a movie but a mere actor cannot because he or she does not have such liberty. Also, a producer calls the shot as to when, how and where he or she wants a movie to be done at their convenience before communicating it to the crew members and casts, but an actor works according to the set time or plan of the producer.

You hardly talk about your relationship. What could be the reason?

I don’t talk about my relationship because it is my private life. Everything should not be displayed in the media.

Do you think some guys are intimidated to ask you out because of your fame and wealth?

A real man should be bold enough to walk up to and approach any lady he likes. This is because looks are deceptive and you may not know who truly needs a companion by outward appearance. So I do not think any man who deserves me will be intimidated by anything.

What do you think about a woman asking a man out?

(Laughs)  It is not our way of life in Africa but times have changed and people go after what they want. But for me, I do not see it as a proper thing because one of the reasons of being a woman is to be wooed. You know, that's the spice (smiles)

Any plans of you getting married soon?

Oh no (Laughs), I didn't see that coming. Anyway, it is my private life and I want it to remain private, for now atleast.

Some people are of the opinion that most Nollywood actresses do not make good wives because they often choose their career over their marriages. What do you have to say about that?

Well, I have never been married and when I eventually do, my marriage will last and be a marriage goal for others to emulate. Talking about actresses choosing their careers over their marriages is what I do not believe. There is no lady who is happy in her marriage, that would want to choose her career over marriage. We all know family comes first, but that does not mean a lady will remain in a toxic marriage all because she is a public figure. There are actresses who are successfully married and are still doing well in their careers. The thing is, it takes two people to make a marriage or any relationship work. There is no manual to how a marriage should be, but putting God first, understanding, communication, love etc are the bedrock to a good marriage. Actresses are human beings too and as such deserve love. I always advice my male cousins anytime I am around them that they should not marry any lady just because she is beautiful, successful or attractive; it is wise to know the kind of job she does and see if you can cope with it. 

I feel alot of men marry for the wrong reasons and start lamenting later. If you want to marry a banker, actress, air hostess etc, marry them and be ready to cope with their kind of job. Some men are of the opinion that they love you, support you maybe at the initial stage and hope to ask you to quit your job when you are finally married to them. This I think is the beginning of their problem. It is better to marry a house wife if you cannot cope with a career lady and not stress the hell out of anyone just because the man is insecure and can’t keep your home. It is best to know what you want in a woman; don’t marry an actress who has tried to build her brand and life and after marriage, you want her to quit acting for you. She needs your support mentally and emotionally because acting is mentally and time draining. No one is perfect and as such, it is good to seek the face of God before you venture into marriage because it is not a child's play.

What would you say makes a good actress?

A good actor should have the confidence to portray their role convincingly and connect with their audience. They need physicality to convey the emotions, motivations and intentions of a character through physical movements as well as excellent communication skills, flexibility, technical competency, work ethic, originality, stage/screen presence, determination and persistence. A good actor should also be eager and willing to add to their knowledge base and skills. A passion for performing good acting and entertainment is a key quality.

What is your favourite colour and meal?

My favorite colour is white while my favorite meal is fisherman soup or Seafood Okro with soft semovita (smiles)

What is your relationship with God?

I have a very cordial relationship with my creator. I cannot do anything without Him and I put him first in anything I do. God is ultimate and He is my everything.

Can you marry a Pastor or Imam?

Definitely, I am a Christian so it is only proper that I marry a man with same faith. So yes, I can marry a pastor.

If you were to quit acting, what other career would you venture into?

Interesting question. The answer to this is, Fashion Designing.

What is your message to your fans?

To my fans, I want to use this opportunity to say “thank you” to each and everyone of you for your love and unwavering support. I promise to keep making you proud and keep being myself. In choosing your line of career or profession, always put God first, be focused and consistent with a reachable goal. Even when you fail, pick up yourself and keep going, it may not pay off now but you will certainly be proud later in life. God bless you all and I love you immeasurably.

Where do you hope to be in the next five years?

In five years, I would love my brand to be a house-hold name known for impactful and life touching works, and a personality that everyone with vision will want to associate with. Also, I would like my brand to go across the shores of Africa to the global world; embark on more collaborations with international organizations and be known for its authenticity and competence.

Can you tell the world and your "fans-to-be" your social media handles so they can get in contact with you?

Thanks for asking! Yes, please make sure to keep up with my updates on social media. My Instagram handle is @matildalambert1 I have got a couple of entertaining updates and information you would love to know about sooner or later.

How do you feel being the Personality Special Edition of Topflyers Magazine International for the month of August, 2020?

I feel honoured and very special because I am sure there are a thousand and one actresses out there but you all chose me. I am honoured and I really appreciate the kind gesture this unique magazine - TOPFLYERS gave me. It feels refreshing getting to share my personality and works with the world as well as air my opinions regarding issues. I really appreciate this exclusive personality feature.

More wins to you all in the Topflyers Magazine Team. #YouAreDoingWell and  'Fantabulous' (smiles)

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