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I Would Kiss, Date and Marry The Man I Am With Now--- Emmanuelle Vaugier

Emmanuelle Vaugier (Miss) is an International actress with a triple citizen and the host of the show, “If I were On Ellen." This interview ascertains that she is a goal getter, has passion for animals and always love to be a “topflyer.” She further reveals in this interview, her advice to young people aspiring to be celebrities.



Good Day Emmanuelle Vaugier! It is great to have you on Topflyers Magazine Exclusive Session.

Thank you very much! Merci (in French).

Please tell us about Emmanuelle Vaugier?

I was born and raised in Vancouver, B.C. Canada. My mother is of French/Algerian descent, while my father is French/Italian. I grew up speaking French at home, and eventually learning English when I started school. 

You have a show named "If I were On Ellen." Can you tell us more about it and how you come about what you discuss in the show?

“If I Were on Ellen” started as a bit of a joke between my fiancé and I.  In the end, it was a way to be creative during a time where options were limited due to quarantine.  I don’t generally stress out too much about coming up with episodes.  It is meant to be fun, creative and stress free. Sometimes ideas will come out of something I had seen while driving in my car, on television, or on Ellen DeGeneres' show. Other ideas are borne out of my relationship with my fiancé such as, The Gardening/Horse Poop episode, and the Manscaping one. My number one rule is that, THERE ARE NO RULES!

You are a dual citizen. How have you handled being a dual citizen at workplace and general interaction with people?

(Smiles) Well. I am actually a triple citizen. I also hold a French passport. Other than it facilitating being able to work and live in different countries around the world, it has not changed anything else. It is a privilege that I am very grateful for.

You have flare for wildlife, animals and horses emphatically. We want to assume that was what birthed “The Fluff Ball Organization". Can you enlighten us more about The Organization, what challenges it faces and likely profit or opportunities that come with it?

Oh great! I have passion for animals, I always have.  Back in 2010, I was looking for a way that I could give back and support a cause dear to my heart. There are so many amazing organizations out there that do incredible works. I founded the Fluffball Foundation so that I could do my part. Through The Fluffball, I am able to raise money and create awareness for a variety of different animal welfare causes and organizations. Every year (until the last couple), we throw a high end cocktail party in support of a chosen organization. We raise awareness for them via the event and social media, as well as generate money through our ticket sales and auction items. Frankly speaking, it is a lot of work, but incredibly rewarding or gives a rewarding feeling in the end.

How do you connect with these animals especially horses?

Horses are very sensitive animals. They reflect back to us whatever it is we are feeling. That is what I love most. The grounding connection, awareness and healing that takes place as you build your relationship with them is magical. They truly are magical creatures.

You made your acting debut role in 1995. Please tell us how that moment was and felt for you. How did you happen to gain global recognition that got you starred in movies like Heart Felt - (which is one of our favorite); Dying For Motherhood; Two and A Half Men amongst other movies you had been featured in?

(Smiles) Getting to work with Faye Dunaway on my first ever film was very exciting. It was a small but pivotal role. I remember taking the bus to and from work each day because I didn’t have a car yet.  As for the global recognition, I will just chalk that up to be a product of long, consistent career in a wide range of genres. I feel very lucky that I have been given such range of opportunities through the years.

(Interviewer adds in) Interesting to know Miss Emmanuelle. Now, we believe everyone can agree that 'Consistency' pays!

How was the general reception like for you delving into the movie industry?

It was good. I mean, I cannot really complain. There is always a point of us 'reaching for that next level', when we think about some life events but I think that’s normal in most jobs when you want to move up, level up and succeed.

No doubt, virtually every celebrity faces backlashes or praises from fans, critics or neutral people. Has there been a moment these opinions got to you or affected you on a personal note?

I learnt a very big lesson: NEVER READ YOUR IMDB COMMENT BOARD!  I did it once at the very beginning of my career, and I haven’t looked at it again.

(Interviewer adds in): Wow. Some people’s comment must have done the most, we presume. For those of us that may not be aware of IMDB, that is (Internet Movie Data Base). Just to chip this in for our readers all over Africa and other continent, We would like to encourage everyone to be nice or try to say things to people nicely most times. It goes a long way. 

How do you take time to relax or unwind?

For me, spending time with my animals is relaxation. Dog walks or hikes, a trail ride with my horse helps me unwind too.

What are your hobbies, favorite meals, colours, sports and place(s) in the world?

My hobbies --- I love riding and watching equestrian sporting events. Oh My! (Smiles) My favorite food is Sushi and seafood dishes tend to be what I always gravitate toward. As for my favorite places, anywhere tropical with white sand beaches and clear blue water, and horses is choicest for me.

How would you generalize or advice a newbie who wants to venture or start a career in Canada or Hollywood ultimately?

Work hard, stay focused and don’t give up.  Also, whatever you do, DON’T read your IMDB comments!

What is/are your favorite movies, language(s) and music?

My favorite Movies are "Back to the Future and Clue". Favorite languages, Italian and Japanese while musically, my favorite is "'I'm an 80' girl!"

It is believed that your networth is currently $10 million (dollars). Do you negate this statement? (If answer is Yes/No, kindly share with us your actual current networth, for factual purpose).

(Smiles) About this, please do not believe everything you read on the internet, especially I am saying this to young ones. Just do what you got to do by working and following your passion. Networth of a person is only known by the person in particular and not the internet. Sometimes, the internet can be wrong…you know. Most of what is said or stated are speculations.

Just for Fun: A game of Kiss, Date and Marry, who or what personality best fits into this description for you?

Game, I love this game already (Laughs) Alright. I would kiss, date and marry the man I am with now. So I guess that would be him, Vince Calandra Jr.

(Interviewer adds in): Wow. Couple goals happening LIVE here on Topflyers Magazine already (laughs). Special shout out to you, Vince Calandra Jr. for capturing the heart of the beautiful and talented personality- Emmanuelle Vaugier. On a lighter note, We (TOPFLYERS INTERNATIONAL) would be Looking forward to seeing or capturing your beautiful conjugal bliss moment to when the time comes. (Smiles)

(Replies) Oh sure! Thank You (smiles)

Do you have any upcoming event your fans should be expecting?

I have recently joined the cast of a new series. Details will be announced soon! Keep fingers crossed everyone.

Who would you like to collaborate with sooner or later?

Amazing! The personalities named Quinten Tarantino and Todd Phillips. I am looking forward to embarking on a project with them.

What is/are your word of encouragement to every young one and people out there who aspire to become TOP figures in the society?

Be yourself, there is no one else like you. Be kind, stay grateful and save your money. And once again, do not believe everything you read on the internet.

Please tell us how you feel about being the Exclusive Celebrity Cover Lady on  TOPFLYERS MAGAZINE International.

Well, anything that has “TOP” in the title, I want to be a part of!  Wouldn’t want to grace the cover of “2nd Place Flyers”, just saying’!

(Interviewer adds in): Well said! Well said!! The TOP all the Way. Big kudos to you Emmanuelle Vaugier, for such an insightful, captivating and educating time into your space and Life experience.

(Replies) :  Thank You once more Topflyers, it is great to know this platform is out here for people or individuals to get recognized, appreciated and share ideas or moments exclusively. Like I said, 'I wouldn't want to grace the cover of a 2nd place Flyers'. Great work and more grace to the entire team. To lastly add, special thanks to my friends, family, loved ones, all over the world. Keep the support coming in. I don't look down on it, trust me. Also feel free to Follow up on some of my videos or upload on Instagram @emmanuellevaugier . We've got a lot on the way. We hope for the best and will bring the best of entertaining updates to you.

Emmanuelle Vaugier…signing out!




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