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We Hawked Fish, Vegetables and Oranges For Over 12 Years---Starguyz

Every prize has a price, they say. Every star might have once never been shining. This is the story of TOPFLYERS  MAGAZINE ENTERTAINERS OF THE MONTH, Joseph and Emmanuel Etim popularly known by their stage name, Starguyz. In this interview with Topflyers Magazine, the twin cum CEO of Twin Image Concept, movie producers and producers of Models on the Island Africa, narrate their bitter experiences before rise to stardom and how they have within 4 years given out 10 cars to people through their platforms.


Can you tell us about Starguyz and your real names?

We are Joseph and Emmanuel Etim, popularly known as Starguyz Twins. Starguyz is the brand name and we are the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Twin Image Concept, producers of Models on the Island Africa (with over 6 seasons). We are also the organizers of House of Models Reality T.V show; Organizer of Face Of Images TV show and lastly, owners of Images Television. We are into Movie production as producers; We are brand, media and event consultants; content creators and Brand ambassadors. We are proud to say that in the space of 4 years, we have given out 10 cars to young/creative Nigerians through our platforms via our different events.

What state are you from?

We are from Cross River State, Calabar, but we base in Lagos, Nigeria.

How was your growing up like?
(Sighs) Growing up was not really easy for us. We grew up in the barracks in Akwa Ibom state, Nigeria. My dad was a military Man before he retired far back in 2005. Life was tough. We had to help Mum to sell iced fish by hawking it on the streets for more than 12years. All through our nursery and secondary school, we hawked ice fish before going to school and when we came back from school, we hawked vegetable leaves, orange etc. We were always mocked by our class mates who would say we smelt like fish then, but thank God we were bright in class and people kept blessing us and appreciating us for helping our Mum each time they came to buy fish from us then. Our growing up story is one we plan to translate into a movie because, the world needs to know that in Life, no matter one’s background, He or she can become what God says you will be, provided the individual is focused.

How has your journey to stardom been so far?
The Journey so far has not been easy, but in Life, one has to be CONSISTENT in what he or she does and always, put God first. When one does this, things become easy for him or her. We really thank God for where we are now.

Gentlemen, we acknowledge the fact you both are looking young and doing well, what is the secret behind this?
(Smiles) The secret behind our business, we would say, is that we put God first; Coupled with God’s grace, consistency, honesty, humility, perseverance and staying focused. This has been the magic secret.

How old is your Company?
Well..We came to Lagos State about 10 years ago and our company is just 7 years in existence.

Do you have artists you manage under your label?
At the moment, We only manage Models and artists from our platform. We do not intend to open a record label but we provide artists with shows or events for them to perform in frequently. We also call most of these Big Artists for events and we manage the event of some of our Big clients.

What have been your challenges in the Nigeria entertainment industry?
Wow! The challenge in this industry is Sponsorship. Getting sponsors is pretty hard. Nobody wants to invest any more in events. They prefer to spend their money on other bigger or popular shows without helping young entrepreneurs or entertainers grow. Another thing we face is disappointments from Sponsors. Some of them will promise "heaven and earth". Unfortunately, when the time comes for them to fulfill it, they begin to narrate stories. In addition to that, most sponsors like "trade by barter" business. They tell you that if you want money, give them a Woman. These type of people want to own you and do some illegal deals against the ethics of the Job or cause we are promoting. So, it is really a big challenge, which we face every day as “showbiz” entrepreneurs.

Currently, COVID-19 pandemic is ravaging the world’s economy. Do you see this ending soon and what is the way forward in-line with your business?

Oh! This COVID-19 has crashed so many businesses in the world. Things are not the same anymore. Our businesses are only moving at a slow pace. However, we believe the virus is ending soon.

What does social media mean to you?
Social media is the new way of life. It is a world on its own, where one can market his or her brand to the world without any capital. This means, It is a place one can actually advertise oneself or business etc. without money. It is a new market that accommodates the world at large.

You were honoured in 2019 by Topflyers Magazine Award of Excellence, for your contribution towards the growth of entertainment in Nigeria. How do you feel about that?
(Smiles happily) Honestly, we were so happy. It gives us joy that our effort and contributions were never a waste. God bless the organizers. We almost wept. We have received so many awards in Nigeria and across borders but, this particular one was so dear to us. We were so glad.

(Interviewer adds in): Seriously, we are also appreciative of the fact that you appreciated the Award. You know, this is what we are about in TOPFLYERS MAGAZINE INTERNATIONAL, We believe Everyone should be celebrated.

Are you both married or single?

Oh! We are very much single and hot in the market. (Laughs)

(Interviewer adds in): Ladies!! You read that correct. So, they are letting us know they are ready to mingle. This might be your shot (laughs) On a lighter note though.

How can your fans reach out to you?

Our dear fans can reach out to us through our Instagram handles @starguyz @starguyz_twin

How do you relax?

(Smiles) Relaxation for us involves going to the beach or Pool.

What is your favorite meal?
Our favorite meal is a Nigerian delicacy named "Afang Soup" and Fufu. Especially, if the soup contains plenty snail, stock fish, pōmó (dried cow skin).

What is your message to your fans?
It's just simple. Be consistent at what you do. Put God first and never give up on your dreams. In other words, no matter the obstacles on your way just be focused. Remember, Engaging in fraudulent acts is not an option for success.

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