Monday, July 20, 2020

ISSUES THAT MATTER WITH ISAAC OLOGBOSERE: Diverse Origins Of Corona Virus And Its Implications For The Human Populace

       Corona virus according to researchers and scientists is said to be a deadly virus that can kill an infected person within a short period of time. A virus is said to be smaller than a bacteria in size. This contributes to the difficulty faced by scientists and researchers in combating it whenever it shows up. There are various perceptions of the origin of corona virus. The dominant perception is that the started its outbreak in China and later spread to other countries of the world.

            Its wide speed is due to the negligence of these other countries that have been affected when its outbreak was still fresh in China. The contraction of this virus by an individual is alarmingly simple. Just by shaking hands and hugging an affected person could make another person contract the virus.

            The rate of its spread around the world is said to be fearful as the spread cannot be controlled for now. When someone who does not have the virus shakes hands with an affected person and goes away without washing his or her hands and puts that same hands on his or her eyes, nose, or mouth, then the virus goes into that person's system thereby making him or her a carrier of the virus.

            There has not been any known cure for the virus. The rumors going around that Chloroquine can kill the virus is not true at all. It is borne out of desperation for a cure. This virus is new to the world and a lot of descriptions have been given in respect to its origin.

            I would like to discuss some of the views of some people concerning this virus. To begin with, some are of the opinion that it is a biological weapon that was mishandled. There have been believes that some developed countries store up diseases and viruses. These viruses and diseases may be used by these countries in times of war instead of the traditional use of guns, bombs, e.t.c.

            It is also believed that these viruses are not only stored up for times of war but also for times when researchers and scientists need to invent a cure for an ailment. And so it is believed that during any of these times when these viruses are handled, then there may be a case of mishandling and the virus escapes into the air, thereby causing people to be infected by it.

       The corona virus is also believed to have its origin from the careless eating habits of the Chinese from where its outbreak started. It is said that in China where the virus outbreak started, their ways of eating differ largely from the ordinary, widely accepted way. What this means is that the animals they kill for food are what many all around the world see as disgusting and abominable. Animals like bats, lizards e.t.c are a delicacy to them but these things affect the human body system, thereby causing sicknesses, as in the case virus.

        Sometimes these animals are said to be eaten half cooked or even raw, which is not acceptable. This can cause a situation whereby a disease is passed from animal to man. Above all, some sets of a distinguished set of people called “Christians”, see this virus outbreak as a sign that signifies The Second Coming Of Jesus Christ.

      Many Christians all over the world are eagerly awaiting the second coming of Jesus Christ as He promised, and there are signs that would signify His Coming of which this virus outbreak is one of them.

        In conclusion, a lot of people hold different views as to the origin of this virus. Some see it as a biological weapon that was mishandled, others see it as a result of bad eating habits in China, while many Christians all around the world see it a sign that the Second Coming Of Jesus C

    These are just some of the views held by millions all around the world as they await the cure from whatever possible place it may come from. As you await, I urge you to heed to the warnings and signs that God is giving to us to tell us that the second coming of Jesus Christ is near and the world needs to be ready.


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