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I Was Once Disowned For Refusing To Quit Acting--- Nollywood Actress, Mellisa Osagie

Mellisa Osagie is one of the beautiful fast-rising Nollywood actresses in Nigeria who has also passed through the golden hands and refinement of Pysmaco Productions. Her story is one filled with goal-getting, tenacity, passion and a mix of frenzy and roadblocks. Aside having to dump her tertiary institution certificate for her acting career, she reveals that some years ago when she was left with the soul-smashing verdict of choosing to forfeit her acting career or be disowned, she chose to be disowned. As she celebrates her 26th birthday in grand style, she speaks more about her growing up, career transition, the movie industry, future aspirations, challenges and great wins.


Can you tell us about yourself?

My name is Melissa Osagie (Miss). I am an actress and I will be 26 years by July 10, 2020. I am from Edo State, Nigeria and I graduated from the department of Political Science/Social Studies in the College of Education, Ekiadolor, Edo State in 2011/2012. After that, I left Benin for Asaba in order to achieve my movie acting goals and aspirations as a writer.

You studied Political Science/Social Studies. Based on your educational pursuit one would expect you to be a politician or teacher but you are into movie acting. What led to this transition?

Well, as a child, I already knew I would be an actress and a writer when I grew up. But the type of family I came from was the type that saw or perceived entertainers as prostit***s. So my Mum was against me studying Theatre arts. At that time, She said she would only allow me study Theatre Arts on the condition that I would be the one to sponsor the education, of which, I could not financially afford. So I had to dance to her tune and studied Political science/Social Studies. However, after graduation, I had to abandon my certificate because, I did not actually need it. Meanwhile, while I was in school, I was registered under two production houses: Pysmaco Production (Publishers of Topflyers Magazine) and Exclusive Concept.

(Interviewer adds in): We can tell that has been a lot for you then. However, we are most thankful to God For your zeal and that our Team and Management (Pysmaco Production) had been there.

Has anything changed about your family’s perception of entertainers? Do they still consider entertainers as prostit***s?

(Exclaims)  No! Interestingly they do not see it as that again (Smiles).

What changed their minds?

The thing is, when you see from afar you cannot really know the truth. Entertainers are not as "loose" as people think they are. It is individual differences. I believe It is just a choice of Lifestyle.

Do you see anything wrong with a married actress kissing a man in a movie?

I do not see anything wrong with that at all.

What is your reason for saying that?

I said that because filming is "make-believe". Advisably, before one gets married as an actress, the partner should understand your line of business. There are TOP actresses whose husbands do come to stage/on set with. My permission to make use and as an example, one of the actresses I respect in the movie industry, Mrs. Adesuwa Wellington (the wife of Banky W). Banky W sometimes come on stage with her because the trust is there. He knows who he is dealing with. He knows that outside set, there is nothing more to the kissing.

You said you are a writer. Have you authored any book or scripted any play?

(Laughs softly) Actually, I have written some books. I also have written three stories and I have produced two.

(Interviewer cuts in): That's absolutely great!

As a child, did you know you would be an actress?

Yes, I knew I would be a writer, movie producer and actress because that is the gift God gave me. I couldn’t see myself being any other thing and there is nothing I can do, without acting.

Are you saying if you had not been an actress you wouldn’t have been any other thing?

Well...I must be honest with you, life without movie making is a 'mess-up' for me.

(Interviewer adds) Wow, that is interesting!

Yes, it got so intense to a time I was experiencing so many challenges come up. My parents disowned me…

(Interviewer adds) Seriously? Because of movie production?

(Laughs) Yes, because of it! I was disowned and had to leave the house and move down to Asaba with just a bag. When I arrived at Asaba, Nigeria, there was no one there.

(Cuts in) At this stage, didn’t you feel like quitting your goal of acting?

Not at all! I was not ready for anything.
Mellisa Osagie

Your birthday comes up on the 10th of July. How do you feel becoming 26 this year?

(Exhales deeply) I have been waiting for this moment for a very long time. Age 25 is something else in every female’s life. I even had to call some of my friends to find out how their age 25 experience was like. I then realized that 25 in every woman’s life is a stage she feels everything is over and depression sets in because she begins to feel she no longer has time and needs to achieve almost all of her childhood goals. At this stage the fear of not making mistakes attracts more mistakes. My 25 years was something else but coming to 26, I am optimistic things will be greater in my life.

Are you expecting anything special at 26?

Yes, of course.

(Cuts in) Are you expecting to get married at this age?

(Laughs) No, not that.

Why? Are you not worried that you are getting older while still single?
I am not worried at all.

Are you saying if any man comes to ask for your hand in marriage right now, you will decline the proposal?

That man should stand by me and make me achieve one thing I have always prayed for, which is my goal.

(Cuts in) But you can achieve that while you are married

I know I can achieve it but sorry to say, 95% of men that tell a lady you will achieve it, will not allow them do so once they marry the girl. They will kill your dreams (Laughs). It is not every man that understands the nature of this our business. If the man says or feels he does not want to lose me, let him stand by me and support me until I achieve my dreams. I am currently in a relationship and the person I am with so much believes in me and my dreams. Even though my family do not really like him, of which I do not exactly care about or take too personal. My friend is the kind of man any actress would want; a man that understands the need to let their woman achieve their dreams.

When did you delve into the movie industry?

It was in 2010/2011. However, I got into movie full-time in 2014 after my tertiary education.

Who are the TOP actors you have been on stage with so far?

Oh! The likes of Zubby Michael, Ebere Okaro, Gentle Jack, Regina Daniels, the list goes on and on.

Who is your role model?

The beautifully talented, Stephanie Okereke Linus. She is my role model because she is a realist to the core and a goal-getter.

What are your challenges as an actress?

In the industry per say, when I started newly, some producers and directors wanted to sleep with me or take some form of advantage of me. They tried that by telling me they made most actresses popular and when I rejected, it became a problem. I have been on a set where I merited the key character but someone just came from nowhere and paid one hundred thousand naira to get that character and I was dropped. That was how my passion for writing became stronger, fully knowing that once I had contents, money and God by my side, I can produce my movies by myself.

Outside acting, do you do any other thing for a living?

Yes, I do. I have a digital fashion shop. I call it "Melz Empire". I deal on stock wears/clothing for adults, males and females.

How do you intend celebrating your birthday?

I am doing a home-made pastry for my party. I will celebrate it at home.

(Interviewer cuts in): That is nice, maybe our team could come do some Magazine Coverage of it


Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

I see myself as a Global star actress. I can feel the stardom already (Laughs). I will achieve this by always working on my skills and by topping my game every time.

What would you say makes a good actress?

(Exhales) Script interpretation, mannerism and reactions. Acting is beyond just cramming a script.

Who would you like to give a shout out to?

Interesting! I will be giving a shout out to my bestie, Faith Edije. I call her my favorite girl in the world. She is amazing.  I also want to give a shout out to my mum, Mrs. Dorcas Osagie and Mr. Swanzy.

What is your message to your fans?

Don’t ever give up. There are many stones that would be thrown at you. Just use those stones to beautify yourself. Nothing good comes easily. Expect people to talk down on you or what you do but, I strongly advise that you stand tall and be a goal-getter. Be greedy with your passion. Love yourself before any other person.

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