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I Maintain My Charming Looks By Drinking A Lot Of Water----Ella Mensah, Veteran Ghallywood Diva

Unflinching, sexy, intelligent, veteran Ghallywood cum Nollywood actress, Ella Mensah, is a Ghanaian Top Personality and one of Ghana's most talented Diva. She studied Journalism and Media Studies in Trans-African College and in the Ghana Institute of Journalism. In this interview with TOPFLYERS MAGAZINE INTERNATIONAL, the naturally endowed classy Nigerian-Ghanaian actress, talks about her career, relationships, lifestyle and business plans.


Can you tell us about yourself?

I am Ella Mensah, the girl next door, who grew up from a humble beginning. Growing up was fun and beautiful for me. I got most of the things I needed and wanted from my Mother. I am the first and the only daughter from my mother’s side and I have two younger brothers. In addition, I went to Richard Memorial School in Accra, Ghana and then proceeded to Nita High School. Later on, I attended Trans-African College and Ghana Institute of Journalism to study Journalism and Media Studies as well as Journalism (major) respectively. I carried out my internship at a television station in Ghana named Metro TV. As at then, acting coincidentally came in and here we are (smiles).

Before you became an actress, you were a newscaster. How did the transition from being a newscaster to an actress happen?

You know sometimes Life situation has a way of channeling us to other things. However, I see Mine as one of God's plan. How this whole transition came about was that, few years ago,  a friend of mine asked me to drop her off at a movie audition center where she was to audition for an upcoming movie. As at then, she did not have a car so I agreed to accompany her. When we got to the venue, (showing surprised expression) there were so many people. She went in for her audition while I stayed back in my car to wait for her. After two hours, a gentleman approached my car and asked me if I was there for the audition. I replied saying “no, I only came to support my friend”. Then, this man asked me or let me say encouraged me to try and audition because I am pretty and that I am the kind of person they were looking for, so I concurred. I went on to audition and fortunately, I got the role. I was so happy that day that I was going to be in a movie. You know that excitement as a "Johnny Just Come" (meaning Newbie ).

(Interviewer adds in): Of course! we can relate.

There is this perception by some people that majority of the actresses cannot make good wives due to their addiction/excessive time dedicated to their career, coupled with their refusal to resist acting certain sex scenes. Do you agree with such opinion?

Interesting...First of all, I think that is a bad perception and no, I do not agree with such opinions. I think this is also a subtle gender bias towards actresses. Actors get credits and we females don’t get the same credits our male colleagues get. I must say, that is a big shame! Acting is a career and everybody knows that with careers, one just have to find a balance between family, homes and perusing one's career. Acting sex scenes in a movie is something that I will personally talk to my husband about and if he does not like it, I will not do it. For the record, we actresses do make good wives. (Inserts humour) Ladies, are you with me! (Smiling).

Do you find anything wrong with a married actress kissing another man and taking certain explicit sex roles in a movie?

There is absolutely nothing wrong with married actresses doing their jobs! Why does society always find a way to judge the women and never judges male actors? It is like a husband questioning his wife for having a male gynaecologist. It is our jobs and any man who finds it offensive should not marry an actress. Period!

As a sexy and intelligent veteran Ghallywood and Nollywood actress, Men must be flocking around you. How do you handle your male admirers?

(Laughs) Men always flock around beautiful women. So, being beautiful and famous makes it double trouble (laughs). It is normal to me. I just smile (smiles).

Are you open for a relationship now or you are already in a relationship?

I am already in a relationship and I am really happy about it.

(Interviewer adds in) That's impressive. Just For humour, So guys out there, it seems no more shooting of shots.

You were once cited in an interview to have said you would rather be a second wife to an 'already-made' man than to marry someone who is just starting up Life. What would you do, God forbid; your spouse goes "broke" after marriage?

I am glad you asked this particular question because, I never said that! It was just probably twisted. I was asked about why most women nowadays want to marry an 'already-made' man than a man starting life. As a reply to them, I used my experience as an example. I once dated a man who was starting his life and I believed in his dreams. I believed together we could build an empire. I helped him a lot; I was there for him, supported him, loved him, prayed for him, treated him as my King and went through a lot with him and guess what? When he started making money, when our efforts paid-off, he started cheating. He goes out and comes back the next day and obviously I could not take such disrespect so I left him. This 'Ex' of mine, taught me a lesson not to trust people when they are down because, they will do or say anything at the time of their needs! So I simply said, I will never ever do that again. Any man who wants me should either be on my level or above me, period!

(Interviewer adds In): That must have been alot for you then, now it's cleared, thankfully. All the same, you did the right thing.

What is your definition of a Real Man?

My definition of a real man is a man who can take care of his responsibilities. A man who is respectful; a man who is loving; and above all, a man who knows how to handle his business.

How do you maintain your charming looks?

I maintain my charming looks by drinking alot of water and minding my business. I also just pamper myself when I need to. (Smiles) That's also why I am glowing.

Do you think some Men are intimidated by your success and thus express fear to ask you out?

Yes, I think some of the men are intimated by my success and thus fear to ask me out. A man once told me, “Ella, I am so scared that if I can’t keep up with the competition around you, I will lose you because I genuinely like you and most of my friends do too but they have more money than me” and I laughed so hard. I was like, “what are you talking about?” That was the question I asked him (laughs). I have also listened so other men telling me I look so expensive that they are scared to approach me. What I always say to them is, “if you don’t have the courage to approach me, then you do not deserve me”.

Ella Mensah

You seem not to have a good relationship with your father. Can you tell us about it?

(Breathes heavily) I met my biological father when I was 19yrs. I grew up with my mother and my step dad. Frankly speaking, my step dad was not a good man. I never liked him so when I met my dad, I was already in college and almost grown so there was no emotion. I tried to live with my biological father for a year but things did not work out and I left his house. My biological father is actually very rich but he never took care of me. My Mother did everything on her own and even my step dad did not help my mother. So when I met my dad and found out how rich he is, I was extra mad at him for not taking care of me but then I realized that the life my mother gave me was more than what my father gave his other kids even though he is richer (Laughs hysterically). Right now, we are trying to work things out.

Outside acting, what else do you do for a living?

Apart from acting, I also have an online hair business/company named "Hair by Ella Mensah" (@hairbyellamensah) where I sell ladies’ wigs and extensions. That aside, I will be starting school in September for a different career.

Interviewer adds in:  That's great to know. "You are doing well".

What has been your most embarrassing moment as an actress?

Oh! My most embarrassing moment as an actress was when two ladies approached me at a mall in Lagos, Nigeria and said they loved me and could not wait to make out with me. I immediately got offended and rebuked them (in Jesus name). At that juncture, they confessed that they had watched a movie of mine in which I played the role of a lesbian, so they misinterpreted my real-life personality and thought I was a lesbian.(Laughs). It was really embarrassing.

If you were asked to permanently choose either acting for Nollywood or for Ghallywood, which would you choose?

(Chuckles) This is a tricky one. As a Ghanaian, the obvious choice will be to choose my country (Ghallywood) but as a business woman, I will choose Nollywood because it has more money and more diverse exposure. However, I will be delighted to contribute to the Ghanaian movie industry if the opportunity presents itself.

What are your future aspirations and current projects in the movie industry?

My future aspirations is owning a movie house, so I will be able to support aspiring actors and actresses. I am currently working on a new movie which I will be featured in after this corona virus calms down here in the U.S.A (smiles).

What have been your challenge(s) in the movie industry?

The challenges facing our movie industry is money and piracy. The industry needs sponsors. We need more private sectors to invest in our industry. The government is not doing anything and we need to have a bill passed on piracy so offenders will be jailed.

Have you produced your Personal movie?

Yes...I collaborated with a friend and we produced our own movie. It was difficult because, we were not well prepared and I did not like the outcome. I am getting my things together and will produce my own movie soon.

Interviewer adds in:  TOPFLYERS MAGAZINE anticipates your new movie. The premiere is something we would not want to miss coverage of.

How many movies have you acted in  or featured so far?

Honestly, I do not remember exactly how many movies I have acted so far because I do not count but, the last time I checked, it was over 40 movies.

How do you cope with the current corona virus pandemic affecting the movie industry?

I have been here in New York since corona virus outbreak and frankly, I can only imagine how bad the corona virus has messed up our movie industry in Africa. Here in the USA, almost everything was put on hold for everyone’s safety and obviously the economy was affected. It is nobody’s fault at the point. We all have to just do what we can.

How do you relax?

Relaxing for me is...I just watch movies or read a book. It calms me down.

Do you see your son delving into the movie industry in future?

Not yet. My son is more of a soccer player. I do not see him becoming a movie star but then again, he is just a kid and obviously he will make his own choices when he is old enough and I will support every path he decides to go by God's grace and Strength.

What is your message to your fans?

What I will tell my fans is that they should do what makes them happy. Life is for the living, so live it! Some people only exist in this world; they don’t live it. So please, do what makes you happy as long your conscience is good.

Ghana, Nigeria! Africa and the World! My colleagues in the Movie Industry, ELLA MENSAH has you all at heart. Thank You for your support so far. Don't forget to keep following me or keeping up with what I do on my social media pages ( @ellamensah on Instagram ) . There is alot to come once this pandemic is over.

Thank you once again family -( TOPFLYERS MAGAZINE INTERNATIONAL)

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