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I Am Addicted To Knowledge---Light Ihesiulo, Brand Strategist

Mr. Light of God Ihesiulo is a Civil Engineering Student in the Federal University of Technology, Minna, Nigeria and the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Log Concepts Limited. In addition to that, he is a professional graphic designer and the proud recipient of Topflyers Magazine International Award as Nigeria’s youngest graphic designer in 2019. In this exclusive interview with Topflyers Magazine as the Entrepreneur of the Month (July, 2020), the humble genius speaks about his addiction to knowledge, flare for softwares and software packages; love for graphic designs, gratitude to his fans and immense joy from the support of Topflyers Magazine international towards  his career.


Tell us about yourself?
My name is Light of God Ihesiulo. I am from Abia State, Nigeria. I was born in a small town in my state but I have spent an enormous part of my life in Abuja, the Federal capital of Nigeria.

What is your educational background like?
I am currently a Civil Engineering student in the Federal University of Technology, Minna, Nigeria and I am almost in my final year.

However, I have developed extensive design skills while pursuing my undergraduate degree, and for this reason I was ready to begin my role as a Brand Strategist even before I graduate. For example, by my third year in college, I had become fluent in computer aided designs, graphics design softwares, animation softwares, and user interface softwares. Due to my knowledge of design and professionalism, I successfully moved up in the ranks at some of the design firms I worked for. However, I continue to seek educational opportunities and equip my creative skills. I am currently learning advanced 3D manipulation softwares and equipping myself more in the virtual world technology through an online program.

How did you come about graphic design and brand strategy?
I always loved beautiful structures when I was much younger, which made me hand-model couple of structures and create aesthetic feel to my hand models and drawings. I could remember vividly while 

I was conversing with my elder brother and he reminded me saying 'we are now in the digital age, where everything has been made easy with the power of technology and the computer in my hands'. He asked me: “don’t you think you should upgrade by expressing your thoughts and ideas using the computer?” As a result of this reflective question, I had to start going to a close-by office to use their computer and master design software. I literally fell in love with the computer aided designs. Today, I can use over 20 design softwares.

As a young undergraduate, you design graphics like a professional, can you tell us where this talent came from?
I believe solely that my abilities were divinely orchestrated by God. He is my source of inspiration. I am also addicted to knowledge, always checking out for updates and learning new design trends, as well as following patterns and revolutions.

What is unique about your work?
(Smiles) I will not want to give so much accolades to my work but from the reviews I get from my clients so far, it gives me the conviction that my work is unique. A lot of them love the creative style of my project delivery, the professionalism I employ into designs, superior job execution and expert advice.

What does social media mean to you?
Wow! Basically, Social media is an interactive computer-mediated technology that enables me to create/share my personal information, ideas, interests and other forms of expression via virtual communities and networks. I literally spend a great part of my day online.

You were honoured by Topflyers Magazine Award of Excellence 2019 as Youngest Graphics designer in Nigeria, how do you feel about this?
Being awarded as the Youngest graphics designer of the year (2019) in Nigeria by TopFlyers Magazine was indeed a huge honour. I felt so happy.  If I am left to completely express the joy in my heart and how honored I felt, I could end up writing a poem (laughs). Thank you so much TOPFLYERS.

Are you single or in a relationship?
(Laughs hysterically) I humbly plead to skip this question.

Light Ihesiulo

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?
Part of my futuristic plans and aim is, incorporating virtual reality and holographic computation into architecture and civil engineering thereby, transforming the construction industry and fusing in aesthetics and innovation with laser precise technological frameworks. I therefore hope to introduce a new norm in the design world within this 5 years duration.

What is your most embarrassing moment?
(Laughs out loud) I can effortlessly remember the day I had to stand up in a super large hall to ask a question and the lecturer started by saying “even a little baby has an answer to that dumb question” and the lecturer ended by saying I think you need to go back to play class not even nursery. The whole hall burst into unending laughter and I was filled with shame knowing that all eyes were on me (Laughs again).
(Interviewer adds in): Oh! That must have been one bug of a moment for you right there. It's cool though.

How can your fans reach out to you?
My brand’s social media accounts and my personal social media accounts (facebook, Instagram, 

twitter, Linkedin) @logconcepts @lightihesiulo

or my business line +234810 500 1830.

My Brand’s website: https://log-concepts.com/

or my personal blog: www.Lightihesiulo.com

How do you relax?
Most of the time, I hang out with friends and loved ones. I go swimming, private tours, picnics etc. but more often, I spend my time on my system learning new things.

What’s your favorite meal?
I love eating Rice and stew.

What’s your message to your fans out there?
To my beloved fans, I want to take this opportunity to thank you, each and every one of you for being the best supporters I could have ever asked for. To those who know that, creatively blending designs has been my true love and passion since I was a young kid, and the advantages that come along with it have always been secondary to me. In other words, when I started my career, the ultimate goal in mind wasn’t to have “fans”; but rather to become the best version of myself I could possibly be. As my journey continued, you guys have made the decision to join me in my journey, taking each and every step alongside with me. You have supported me, embraced me, and nurtured me through the good and bad times and never gave up on me. Whether it is a phone call before an important event, a “like” on an Instagram post, or asking for a picture while I am out in public, it all means something. It all helps keep things in perspective. It all helps keep me grounded, humble, and appreciative of my career. It all helps me to always remember how blessed I am. No matter how big or small, all of your good deeds and positive vibes that are sent my way never go unnoticed. You’re all my motivation; you are what drive me to grind each and every day because I don’t want to let any of you down. I want all of you to be proud of me.

To wrap it up, I want to thank all of you again for being the best fans possible. No matter how far this life might take me, I will always remain true to myself. I will never forget where I came from, and I will never forget those who helped me get to where I am today. I’m never too far, I’m always one phone call, text, tweet, or Facebook message away. I will continue to strive to make you proud. That is a promise.

Thank You Topflyers Magazine International, once again for adding another  accolade of being The Entrepreneur Of The Month, July Edition 2020. More Wins to the Brand and the Team.

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