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Why I Won Face of Topflyers Beauty Pageant Despite Being Plus-Sized--- Queen Precious Omorowa Osariemen

Miss Precious Omorowa Osariemen is a student of History and International Studies in the University of Benin, Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria and the current winner of Miss Photogenic, FACE of Topflyers Magazine International. In this exclusive interview with Topflyers magazine International, she speaks about her pet project which is geared towards curbing rape and girl-child molestation as well as how she won the Miss Photogenic, FACE of Topflyers Magazine International contest despite being plus-sized.


Hello your eminence, can you tell us about yourself?
(Smiling) Hello Topflyers…I think I am already smiling alot being here. It just shows how excited I feel to get interviewed. I am (miss) Precious Omorowa Osariemen.

What is your educational background?

My educational background is a very solid one. My parents are keen on education which I know is very fundamental. I attended my pre-school at Life Spring School, Lagos, Nigeria. Afterwards, my family relocated to Abuja where I attended my secondary education at Eagle House Primary and Secondary School for my Junior Secondary 1-3 and came out with good grades. I also got admission to one of the most prestigious secondary school in Nigeria called Queens' College, Yaba Lagos, Nigeria, where I finished my Senior Secondary 1-3 levels with good grades. Moving forward, I am currently studying History and International Studies in the University of Benin, Benin City, Nigeria.

How did you come about modeling?

I started modeling when I entered the University. I was mainly a Face model and also did mini-campaign photographs before I came across FACE of Topflyers Contest.

You recently won Miss Photogenic, FACE of Topflyers Magazine, how do you feel considering the fact that you are plus-sized?

I felt and still feel really proud of myself. Basically, I tell people size does not relate to your inner potential. My body physique was never an obstacle for me and would never be. I just believed in myself and my potentials.

What was your biggest challenge during the contest?

My biggest challenge was getting people to follow the two Instagram handles which were a major requirement of the contest but I conquered.

What lesson do you have to pass to other people who are afraid or doubtful about going into modeling because of size?

I just have an advice to the "plus sized" ladies and it is: your potential(s) is/are not found in body size. It is in being unapologetically you. Show the world your potentials and you will discover that it is what you have to offer especially intellectually, creatively or talent-wise that matters and not your body size. That does not mean you shouldn't keep fit for yourself or practice healthy lifestyle.

What perception (positive or negative) about being a Model or Beauty Queen do you feel you should address?

Actually, this is a very nice and important question. I believe education amongst the models and beauty queens is an important issue to address. These models/queens should try and have a solid educational background which is in simple terms, complete their secondary schools and tertiary education. I say this because it gives more confidence, boosts one’s individual Curriculum Vitae (CV) and is a "plus 1" (an advantage) to whatever career a person may want to do after retiring from modeling.

How prepared are you for the task ahead as a Queen?

With God on my side, I am 100% ready for any task ahead of me.

What does Social media mean to you?

Social media to me is a platform to get informed and updated about what is going on globally and also a means to showcase one's talent positively.

How do you intend to support the brand that provided a platform for you to be showcased to the World?

I will always promote them on any platform I have or when given the opportunity to promote the brand.

What are you embarking on for your pet project?

Yes! A large part of my pet project is concerned about the Topic "Rape and Girl child molestation".

How do you intend carrying out your pet project?

Okay! I intend carrying out the pet project through the careful support and guidance by my new management--- Topflyers Team. Also, sponsorship from organizations and government personnel who would like to be a part of this youth movement to address rape and girl-child molestation will be an advantage in carrying out the Project.

(Interviewer adds In): Definitely! The Team will be on deck to ensure the smooth running or support of your project and that is a great subject area to touch on especially, as there have been recent outcry on the topic 'Rape' on everyone's lips. So we really commend you for that.

(Replies): Thank you very much!

Where or what aspects do you intend to cover in the pet project?

The main area of the project I would love to touch on are the culprits who are guilty of rape, lure people into rape or are involved in the act of raping these people - women and children.  From my personal research, I discovered that 70% of the men who indulge in rape acts are always from the inside. I mean an insider from a family, clique or group. It could be a husband, family friend, fiancé, brother, cousin, 1st cousin, uncles and so on which makes it difficult for these women to talk.

What is unique about you, being Miss Photogenic, FACE of Topflyers Magazine Int'l?

What makes me unique is that I am a very strategic person, ambitious, ever-ready and willing to contribute my quota for any present task or any task ahead of me. In a nutshell, I am a goal-getter.

What has been your most hilarious moment?

Oh (laughs). It was a time, when I woke up and saw a dog at the side of my bed. The way I screamed and shouted not knowing it was just a doll (Laughs).

Now that you are a reputable Beauty Queen and you have been signed under a 6 months Modeling and Management contract, what do you see yourself accomplishing within this short period of time as a Beauty Queen?

As I said earlier, I am a very strategic person and I am ambitious. No time is too small for me and I believe once my mind is set towards achieving a thing, I can work diligently to make it happen. I thread carefully by looking at the best that can happen and not the negative things. This helps me stay focused. Although, there will be challenges but I look above these challenges.

Queen Precious Osariemen glancing through Topflyers magazine international
Where do you picture yourself in the next 7 years?

By the grace of God, I picture myself as a first class graduate, owning a humanitarian foundation, being a prestigious motivational speaker and also a pioneering youth ambassador to Nigeria and other countries.

How do you relax?

(Smiles) There are a lot of things I do to relax. I volunteer services for humanitarian foundations. I listen to music, watch comedy movies and go to the Spa.

What is/are your favorite meal(s)?

My favorite meal is plantain and fried eggs.

What is your most memorable day?

The day I officially graduated from secondary school. It was the beginning of greater things.

Which place in the world would you like to spend your vacation someday?

I would really love to spend a vacation in Paris.

Do you have a favourite country?

My favorite place in the world is Dubai. It is my favorite because it has got a lot of tourist sites and massive under-water constructions and also on the surface of the earth.
Personally, I love exploring. So this is a 'place-to-be' for me.

Who is/are your role model(s)?

(Smiles) My role models are Mrs. IFueko Omoigui Okauru and Mrs. Beauty Omorowa (my mom).

 If you are to say one word/quote forever, what would it be?

"Your biggest challenge today, is for a greater tomorrow"

What are your dislikes and likes?

I love sincerity and dislike dishonest people.

So far, what has Life taught you since growing up?

Life has taught me to believe in myself.

 What are your favorite colours; T.V. or Radio Programmes; Sport activities (if any)?

My best colors are black and white; I love watching action movies and science fiction. My best sports are football, volleyball and badminton.

Which top personality(ies)/external brand(s) would you like to meet and work with during your reign as a Queen?

Interesting! The brands I would love to work with are MTN, Pepsi and Malta Guinness. Personalities I would love to meet or work with would be Hon. Minister of Transport, Rotimi Ameachi, Bimbo Ademoye, Tonto Dikeh and Richard Mofe Damijo (RMD).

As a Queen, how would you handle a situation of conflict or negative publicity?

Sincerely speaking, I won't speak or react because people must talk but if it is actually something that deals with or goes against my morals and values, I will then react by doing a video talking about it and possibly take legal actions.

 What other skills or talents do you possess?

(Smiles) I am quite good at dancing and having fun generally.

What other career/business path are you passionate about getting into?

I always had a thing (flare) for acting as well as event planning. Watching event planners and seeing event venues lit up and fanciful in a matter of minutes is a wonder I would like to create all the time. So yes, that is it ---event planning and acting.

Just for fun: The game of Kiss, date and marry. Who or which personality best fits this description for you?

I would pick Kunle Remi (gushes). I Hope he won't see this (laughs).

What is your biggest motivation in Life?

I see myself, Omorowa Precious Osariemen as my biggest motivation.

What do you have to say about the current situation in the world and what are your suggestions, advise or solutions on education, COVID-19 pandemic, cyber bullying, body shaming, rape/rape culture, racism and police brutality?

I just have few things to say.

On education, brutality and rape:  We as Individuals should try and resolve these thoughts/actions from the inside because what is outside is really minimal in the sense that the people we trust are the people who practice most of these things we see (rape, brutality and so on).

On body shaming:  Please every single person should be proud of his or her body size whether fat, slim, moderate, big head, small head and so on because these features do not stop you from being who you are.

On COVID-19: (Sighs) Hmm…as for the novel virus, COVID-19, everyone should endeavour to stay safe. Wash your hands regularly, wear your face mask when going out and stay informed about your environment. Do all these consciously.

On education: Education is Key and education is what stands a person out among thousands of people. Education is fundamental.

How do you feel being the latest Brand Ambassador of Topflyers Magazine?

(Smiles) I feel grateful and extremely excited because it is a good platform to begin with.

What message do you have for your fans and people out there?

I just want to thank them for their love and support. They should expect more from me as time goes by.

How would you rate the Brand (TOPFLYERS INTERNATIONAL) and Management (Pysmaco Production) and what should they expect from you?

I rate the entire team a 100% and they are the best.  Topflyers should expect the best from me.

We will continually make today's stars. Thank You Very much!

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