Tuesday, June 16, 2020

The Global Benefits of COVID-19 Pandemic, By Vine Evulukwu

The trend as you know is ‘the new norm’. It’s a post-Covid ‘19 recovery process for all of us. Appraising the world pandemic, one would observe that it is a curse and a blessing same time.

It is a curse given that we have lost so many of our dear ones in so many countries and more are still being threatened by the virus. It’s also worthy of note that some have passed on while trying to avoid the pandemic (How sad).

Looking at the way things have gone and are still going, there is limited physical contacts which would limit physical interactions which everybody enjoys. Even when people meet physically, they are still stock with activities online that the physical meetings become almost needless

No doubt, the new norm which is basically the internet era would increase fraud, criminality and deceit in great measure. Since everything is online, it is easy to manipulate information and deceive so many people. But then, if the bird must perch here and there, it must be aware of the new skills of the hunters.

On the flip side, we have so much to gain as the pandemic has exposed and is still exposing opportunities and ideas that will change the world ever...

In religion, the pandemic has exposed that we can actually worship God from anywhere, anytime. The import is that we are no longer restricted to a large building to have a worship and prayer experience. It further exposes that the true church is YOU. But then, there is a role coming together plays. Let me leave that for your spiritual leader.

In the family as a unit of the society, the pandemic has also brought about bonding, closeness, and understanding, while exposing weaknesses and strengths of our loved ones which is all needed for an enhanced understanding of one another. If we know the worst in others, we can prepare adequately.

In our health system/hygiene, the pandemic has increase our body and property maintenance. Imagine if we continue with this consciousness added to the grace of God, longevity and sound health will be our experience.

In corporations, ministries, agencies et al, there is also a great reform given that people have adopted remote working conditions. The import here is that you might not see people renting or going to the offices to work anymore. People now have a special space at home where they can do all their professional works and save the stress and resource of going all out. So mind you, your neighbor who sits at home all the time with his working devices might not be a “Yahoo Yahoo” person. He is simply utilizing the new norm and thereby saving cost. Do same if possible. !

In education, the pandemic has brought about a major reform in the approach of studies and educational activities. We now have virtual classes and exams via different apps. The pandemic has increased the acceptance of online education especially in this part of Africa where conventionalism dominates our everyday lives. Without intentions of advertising any institution, People are obtaining degrees from online schools such as: Purdue University, University of Virginia, University of Florida (Distance learning),  North Carolina State University, Northern Arizona University, New Mexico State University (distance learning ), Oregon State University (distance learning), University of Oklahoma (distance learning), University of Alabama, and the University of Illinois Springfield. Harvard University also has an extension program that accommodates people to study remotely and still have their degrees online.

In Nigeria, we have The National Open University of Nigeria (Distance learning). The VC, Prof. Abdalla Adamu led leadership has just conducted their matriculation online for the first time ever on zoom app. Other universities that also operate online include but not limited to; University of Lagos (UNILAG distance learning), University of Ibadan (UI distance learning), Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife, distance learning, University of Abuja distance learning and more...

However, while virtual learning may not work for everyone due to different study strengths, they can grow to it and it becomes part of living.

This does not ruin or diminish the idea of conventional schooling. Some students, especially the ones having Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) or Obsessive Learning Disorder (OLD) will benefit more in the conventional environment than in virtual platforms. I don’t know if I had OLD but I struggled with academics in primary and secondary. It was a fight because I had the  urge to be academically sound. I wasn’t an ‘A’ student until I got into higher institution (all thanks to people and self-studies)

However, would advise students to embrace virtual learning real quick and grow to it as it has come to stay and might take over.

One thing is for sure, going forward, our world will never be the same. It will be recorded in the pages of history that one out of the many major events that changed the orientation of the world is the pandemic (Corona virus/COVID-19)


Firstly, keep your mind open and explore new opportunities. Check your environment and how you can impact through ‘Tech-biz’. Think about how information technology, internet and the social media can help you grow your business and career.

Do not be stiff-necked and hell-bent on conventionalism. Try new things out, if they don’t work, try some other ones and keep going till success is attached to your name.

Corona Virus is real. While you pray, take precautions, use hand sanitizers, wash your hand regularly, self-isolate yourself, wear face mask and hand gloves. To be featured on Topflyers Magazine, for advert placement, event coverage, placement of articles, etc at cheap rates, call or Whatsapp us via 08030808671, 07038864995

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