Wednesday, June 03, 2020

Exclusive Interview: What a man can do, a woman can even do it better---Real Warri Pikin

Delta State-born Anita Alaire Afoke Asuoha popularly known by her stage name, Real Warri Pikin, is a Nigerian comedienne, an On-Air-Personality and a graduate of Political Science and Public Administration from Benson Idahosa University, Benin City. In this exclusive interview with Topflyers Magazine, she talks about her personality and admonishes the youths to be hard-working and optimistic. Excerpts:

Can you tell us about yourself, who is Real Warri Pikin?

I salute the great Nigerians and my country people. My name is Anita Alaire Afoke Asuoha, popularly known as Realwarripikin. I am an actor, presenter, life coach, social media influencer and a brand ambassador. I attended Our Ladies Model School and at the tertiary level, I attended Benson Idahosa University (BIU) where I studied Public Administration and Political Science.

How was your growing up like?

Actually, I had a disciplined upbringing. People always think I grew up in the street but that is quite otherwise. I was very ambitious and I had a hustling spirit. I just wanted to be the best in what I do.

You are popularly known as RealWarriPikin. Does that connote that there is a fake Warri Pikin?

(Laughs) The name Realwarripikin was actually given to me by a friend. That I am real does not mean other Warri people are not real but I am the Realwarripikin.

Was being a comedian a childhood dream or it was borne out of circumstances?

Honestly, the plan was not for me to be a comedian. My passion has  always been for dancing.

Most people assume comedy is a male inclined profession. What is your opinion about that?

Like the saying goes, “anything a man can do, a woman can even do better”. (Smiles) Women have been stereotyped in different things but we are ready to change all of that now (thumbs up).

You won the Maltina Dance Hall in 2010 and you were an ambassador for Glo in 2009 following your win at the Glo rock and rule competition. Since then, have you won any other Awards?

Yeah..Of course and I will keep winning. By God's grace, I have won awards as a comedian and a brand influencer as well.

What do you think makes a good comedy?

Hmm… to me, passion and talent makes or let me say create a good comedy.

Some Nigerians feel comedy should not be said in churches and mosques because of the controversial and sometimes demeaning nature of some comedies. Do you agree with such views?

There are lots of comedians who grew their comedy career from the church. It does not exactly mean that all comedians are controversial. There are a lot of us that crack jokes to motivate people...You know!

Being a veteran comedian involves a lot of travelling and some level of distancing from one’s family. How do you manage the profession and still have ample time for your family?

Interesting… anyway… I always try to balance the two. I work and I give my family 100% of my time.

Outside being a comedienne, what else do you do to make a living?

I am currently a brand influencer, OAP, actor and a Life coach personality. These are other things I do..(says in pidgin slang) "based on make everywhere for stew for area". (Laughs).

You celebrated your seventh year marriage anniversary with your hubby this year. Not many celebrities have such marriage luxury. What do you think is the reason some celebrities do not last in their marriages?

Frankly speaking and to the best of my knowledge, marital issues is not just affiliated to celebrities. However, due to the fact that they are mostly on the spotlight and people tend to focus on them alone plus the pressure sometimes. Let's say 95% of broken marriages are not really affiliated from/to the celebrity or the status.

How did you meet your husband?

(Gushes) Awwn…I met my darling husband in the church.

What is your best food and colour?

(speaks in Nigerian popular slang) Warri!!! I can not even lie. My best food is Owo soup and starch which is a Nigerian traditional delicacy. My favorite color is Black.

How do you relax?

I spend my leisure/enjoy relaxation by listening to music and of course dancing.

Is the comedy industry doing anything to cushion the effect of corona virus and its spread in Nigeria?

Absolutely. Yes, we are trying to enlighten people through our different platforms.

Career-wise, what is your advice for upcoming or young talents?

For young people out there, please take one day at a time. Do not jump like monkey into anything if not, eye go turn you like barber chair. Every hustle (work) comes with different pick (profits) as long as you are consistent and faithful to your hustle. It will definitely pay off but make sure the hustle is pure and legit.

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