Saturday, June 13, 2020

EOTM: Education Is Not A Waste Of Time--- Dinesh Mankar, Indian-Based DJ

Dinesh Mankar, popular known by his stage name, DJ Dinman is a Disc Jockey (DJ) player based in Pune Maharashtra, India. He makes a living from being a DJ and despite being a college dropout due to some constraints believes education is not a waste of time and as well not a guarantee for success. In this interview with Topflyers magazine international as the Entrepreneur of the month (June, 2020), he talks about his career. Excerpts:

Who is Disc Jockey (DJ) Dinman (Dinesh Mankar)?

Dinman is a person who likes to explore himself.

How old are you?

I am 25 years old

What country are you from and what state do you reside?

I belong to the country which is blessed by the beauty of nature. I am from Pune Maharashtra, India.

Tell us about your educational background?

I am a college dropout.

How was your growing up like?

My childhood taught me to struggle from a very small age and the good part was that I learned a lot.

Are you into DJ only or you sing as well?

At present, I am into DJ work but I am also interested in delving into music production.

How long have you been doing this?

 I have been into DJ since 3 years.

Are you signed to any management?

 I am a freelance DJ and I have a contract with hotels.

Would you then say going to school is a waste of time because you did not study DJ?

No, going to school is not a waste of time because it is the foundation of everything. When I was a kid, I didn't get the opportunity to learn music in school but today's generations have an opportunity to learn music in school. I would rather say if anyone is interested in music, they can grab the opportunity and learn more because music is never ending.

What makes a good DJ?

What makes a good DJ is the ability to make his or her audience dance to his/her tunes.

Is there anything unique about what you do or your sound?

Yes, whenever I am performing, people know what genre I am going to play.

What is the essence of the social media to you?

For me social media is the best way to connect with people around the world

What is your biggest challenge as a DJ?

The biggest challenge as a DJ for me is to make nobody leave the dance floor till the last track.

Where do you hope to be in the next 7 years?

I see myself as a top DJ as well as signing up with good labels.

What is the biggest mistake you have ever made as a DJ?

At a very beginning stage, I made some silly mistakes like forgetting my pendrive/headphone. Infact, I used to call my mom to get some of my working tools for me while I was already on stage.

Can you tell us some of the most challenging moments DJs go through?

When a DJ is in a flow and a guest comes with a request for a different song (for example romantic song) later to come up with down tempo romantic song, that can be a little challenging for DJs.

Is your DJ skills open for training for those who would like to be trained?

Yes, skills are open for training for those who seriously want to become DJs.

How can people reach/contact you?

People can contact me through all social media platforms i.e Instagram, Facebook or Whatsapp via +919623812200. My email is djdinman@gmail.com

How do you feel being the Entrepreneur of the month (June Edition) on Topflyer magazine international?

 I am very happy you gave me the opportunity to get featured in your magazine and I feel blessed.

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