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EOTM: Until The Right Man Comes, My Energy and Passion Is For Fashion Designing---Precious Akah

 Beautiful and young Miss. Precious Akah, CEO of Akah Fashion Home is a graduate of Mass-Communication, National Open University of Nigeria. Her designs are sought by major boutiques in Nigeria as well as celebrities, and women of valor nationally and internationally. Little wonder without any advert, she had 12, 000 followers on her Facebook page within 4months of creating the page. Miss Akah with her designs, brings out the hidden beauty in every woman. Her clothing reflect elegance, majesty, confidence, royalty and allure of magnificence. As Topflyers Entrepreneur of the Month (EOTM) of May 2020, in this interview with Topflyers team, she speaks of her aspirations and the magic of her designs.

Who is Miss Precious Akah?

I am a young lady from Delta State and the second of five children from Mr and Mrs Patrick Akah. I was born and raised in Benin City.
How old are you?

I was born on January 27 in the 1990’s. For some personal reasons, I will not want to reveal my age publicly, but I am less than 30 years and above 22.

Prior to you becoming a fashion designer up until now, you have always loved to dress fashionably. Is it because of your career or just a lifestyle?

Dressing fashionably is a life style and a passion. Even as a kid I have always been passionate about clothes. I believe every dress tells a story. It is left for the individual to choose what story he or she wants to tell the world. People say you can tell who a person is from the appearance; well I think that the clothes you wear make 80% your appearance. It tells the world if you are lazy with your personal hygiene; it tells people how you see yourself and help us rate your self-confidence.

You are a graduate of Mass Communication from the National Open University of Nigeria. One would expect you to be a journalist but you dropped your certificate and went into fashion designing. What prompted the decision?

As much as I love Mass Communication and all it entails, I enjoy the creativity involved in fashion designing more. There is this happiness and a sense of achievement when a client beams for joy after putting on the dress tailored for her from Akah's Fashion Home.

I help people project what they want the world to see. A quote from the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad says "Fake it Until You Make It". I think you can project whoever you want the world to see with a good-fitted clothes and dash self-confidence.

You fake it until you become it. Sometimes it is not about the quantity but the quality and that is what Akah's Fashion Home gives you

 Also, I won't say that I dropped my certificate. The world is going global everyday and I am using the skills I learnt as a mass communicator in my Fashion Business. And I can boldly say that it is enhancing my progress and success in the fashion industry.

Succinctly put, to you, is going to school is a waste of time?

No, going to school and becoming educated is not a waste of time. I don’t think the privilege to be interviewed in this great establishment or the knowledge to attain 12 thousand Facebook followers (likes) within four months of creating my Facebook page would have been possible if not for the knowledge I gained during the years spent attaining my B.Sc degree.

What makes a good fashion designer?

Passion and Knowledge makes a good fashion designer. Your heart and your head must be in it. You have to love the act of clothes making as well as know the processes involved in making clothes.

Is there anything unique about your fashion home?

Akah's Fashion Home is unique because of its designs. They come from inspiration. My designs are made to suit a client’s body shape. People see my designs and love them.

Within four months of creating your Facebook page “Akah’s Fashion Home”, without any advert, you had 12 thousand followers (likes). What is the magic?

There is no magic involved. It is just hard work, observing and understanding what ladies want in terms of fashion, what boost the female confidence and giving it to them. It is about using your knowledge of what women want to create their fantasy dress. It is basic calculation.

What is the essence of the Facebook page to you?

My Facebook page helps me showcase my designs, my creations and that of other designers. There are a lot of people out there with same passion for fashion and are in need of designers to bring it into life. My page shows what I can do and that is what Akah's fashion home is there for.

What is your biggest challenge as a fashion designer?

My biggest challenge is finance. Having a passion and talent is one thing and bringing the dream into reality is another.

Where do you hope to be in the fashion design industry in the next 7 years?

I hope to be a world renowned fashion designer in the next 7 years. I hope to win various fashion contracts. It is my dream that Akah's Fashion Home will become a positive household name in Nigeria and all over the world with branches in every major city in the country. It is a big dream but I know that with God's help and hard work we will get there.

What is the biggest mistake you have ever made as a fashion designer?

So far, none.
Can you tell us some of the most common mistakes many fashion designers make?

Accepting more contract than they can handle within the designated period of time given to them.

Is your fashion home open for training for those who will like to learn fashion designing?

Akah's Fashion Home is always open for training. I am calling on everyone who has same passion, drive for fashion and designing to come. We are going to make amazing designs together.

How can people reach you?

You can reach me via my Instagram and Facebook page @Akah's Fashion Home.

My phone no +2348115009852.

My fashion home is located at 8 Westend complex Off Edo Street Ekosodin, Ugbowo. Benin City.

It's very close to the University of Benin (UNIBEN).

How do you feel being the Entrepreneur of the Month of May, 2020 on Topflyers Magazine International?

Words can't describe my feelings right now for being interviewed as the entrepreneur of the month. I feel blessed. It is a step in achieving my dreams. I want to thank Topflyers magazine for giving me this opportunity. The sky is my starting point. Thank you.

As a beautiful and hard-working graduate and entrepreneur whose father is a veteran publisher and writer, men must be flocking around you. Do you intend saying “I do” to any of them soon?

Well...when the right man comes I will be sure to say "I do" but until then, I intend to put all my energy and passion into my designs.

What message do you have for your fans?

For my fans and everyone out there, I encourage you not to give up on your dreams, Hardwork pays. I love you all. Remember to follow and like Akah's Fashion Home on Facebook and Instagram.
Thank you.

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