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EOTM: The First Thing To Consider When Planning To Start Up A Business Should Not Be Capital---Kenneth Ejiofor

Kenneth Ejiofor

Nigeria-born but UK-based Kenneth Ejiofor is a best-selling author, motivational speaker, pastor, writer, publisher, veteran entrepreneur, and a master degree holder from Sheffield Hallam University, UK. Aside emphasizing that he is married to a gold-hearted gorgeous Nigerian, in this interview, he speaks on what he would ask of Nigeria’s president if they meet, while stating that capital is not the first thing one should think of while planning to become an entrepreneur.

Tell us about yourself?

My name is Kenneth Ejiofor, I am from Onicha Ugbo, Delta state but was born in Okpella, Edo state where I did my primary and secondary education. I had my first degree in Agricultural Economics and Extension Services from the University of Benin (UNIBEN), Benin City, Nigeria. After my graduation I worked briefly as a staff writer with True Tales Publication, publishers of Hints Magazine, Complete Fashion Magazine, and Hello Magazine. At some point I had my Jingle Magazine published in support of Late Prof. Dora Akunyili rebranding campaign. I also ran my own business in Agbor Delta State, before leaving for the United Kingdom (UK) for my second degree in Environmental Management, Sheffield Hallam University.

I am a writer and a self-publisher of my books which are selling on amazon worldwide. I am married to my beautiful soul mate Blessed Esther. We have a daughter Royale Mmachukwu. I also have other fostered children back in Nigeria.

You celebrated your birthday a few weeks ago. What age were you celebrating?

I was born on the 5th of April, 1979. That makes it my 41st birthday anniversary.

What is your business all about?

I have always been a business man from my teenage years. That is why I have seen myself doing one form of business and the other until most recently when I can clearly say yes, I am finally in the right business I want to do.

Presently in the UK, my business is in Energy (Gas and Electricity) and Telecommunication sector where I deliver what I call home essentials, because no household can do without the services I provide (Gas and electricity, Broadband, TV, landline, mobile telephones and security). These are services that everyone needs here.

What is unique about your business?

The most unique thing about my business is that every home needs my services, therefore it makes marketing less stressful. Another unique thing about it is that I don’t need to rent an office space or pay extra bills to run my business. All I need is my laptop. Also, from the comfort of my house I can market and sell my services in twenty seven countries around the world and still counting. Now, some persons who know me will say, how were you able to achieve that in such a short time? I am on a franchise with a company called ACN which have been in operation for Twenty seven years. Once you join, you become your own Independent Business Owner (IBO) which gives you the platform to trade in all the countries where the company is registered. You can see my own platform by logging into my online office www.kennethejiofor.acnshop.eu I must not forget to mention this; it is a business you do once but get paid over and over again for years.

How can your business help reduce unemployment and poverty in Nigeria or globally?

The business I do is such that help everyone become his or her own boss, and it is open to all. Unfortunately, it is not available in Nigeria as at this time but I know that it is a matter of time before it gets to Africa. On a global scale, nations who already have ACN have been celebrating the opportunity it gives to aspiring entrepreneurs to be self-employed. This is therefore a great weapon against unemployment.
Kenneth Ejiofor and Family 

What are your challenges as an entrepreneur?

In my own type of business, the challenge I faced when I started was that I was new in the UK and knew barely enough people to buy my services. But that is no longer a problem because we can do virtual marketing without having to know the person on a one on one basis. The use of social media especially LinkedIn has been of immense help.
Another challenge is having to “compete” with some big names in the industry. I put it in quote because my company is also a big name, however some of our partners are relatively new or small. People like to go with the names they are used to but we have a way of breaking that too by asking for referrals. Since my services are cheaper, you will be glad to introduce me to your family and friends. With this, I see us taking over the business globally.

Many entrepreneurs barely have time to relax. How do you relax?

Ironically, this is a business that gives you a lot of time. You chose to work when you want and you can do so anywhere; in your car, on the train, on the bus, on your bed, in your garden etc. This means that you can actually be in the beach relaxing and still do your business.

Due to Corona Virus pandemic, many businesses are folding up. What do you intend doing to ensure your business keep striving?

The truth is that the pandemic is a blessing to us in this business. This is obvious in the sense that because people stay more indoors, the energy they use has increased, people do no longer visit or see each other as it used to be, so phone calls bills are on the increase. Virtual meetings are what people have resolved to now in which they need the internet to stay connected. These are the services I offer. The more you use them, the more I get paid. With the pandemic, you just have to use more (smiles). I can assure you that this is the best time to join or do such a business.

What is your advice to Nigerian youths who want to become entrepreneurs but do not have capital?

I have done business in Nigeria that were very successful, and I can tell you that the first thing you consider should not be the capital. The problem people have is trying to start from the top instead of from the bottom and climb up gradually. What you need first as an aspiring entrepreneur is a workable dream. You know the capital is not there, you will be deceiving yourself if your success is fully dependent on that. Next is the desire to learn. Most people don’t take time to learn the business before starting. Take out time to learn what you want to do. In the place of learning, you will begin to see many ways you can start up without much money.

How can intending entrepreneurs reach you?

To reach me, visit www.kennethejiofor.acnshop.eu on my profile, my phone number is there, also if you click on the mail sign, my email address will be displayed.

If you have an opportunity to meet the president of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari for assistance, what would you ask for?

I will ask him to give me the opportunity to restructure Nigeria. He cannot assist me, I will rather assist him to do his job and Nigerians will be happy (Smiles).

Is there anything else you will like to tell us that we do not know about?

I am an ordained pastor to serve the people by God’s grace. I am the publisher of three books which are available on www.amazon.com
·         Do Not Lose Your Friends; A Practical Guide to sustaining Relationships
·         The Divided Church; An Irony of the Truth
·         Passive Income Pathway: Risk-free way to financial freedom
I help people to publish their books on amazon. If you are in any of the countries listed on my online business platform, I can help you to start up your own independent business too.

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  2. Hello my excellent boss god will continue to bless you sir you are born to rule my King god bless you more and more and more

  3. Hello my excellent boss god will continue to bless you sir you are born to rule my King god bless you more and more and more

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