Thursday, March 26, 2020

EOTM: Business Is War and Real Capital Is Not Money, Godfrey Okuigbedi, CEO Goswift Business Network Ltd.

Godfrey Okuigbedi is a writer, business coach, an entrepreneur, Christian and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Goswift Business Network Limited. Although a graduate of Mass Communication, he talks entrepreneurship more than journalism. In this interview with Topflyers Team, the young CEO talks about his knack for entrepreneurship, his new company, young people's misconception of what capital is, and what he would ask of president Buhari when they meet.

Tell us about yourself?
My name is Godfrey Okuigbedi. I am from Owhelogbo in Isoko North L.G.A, Delta State and the second born of six children. I am a very creative and self-motivated person with a distinct mind for excellence.  I am a Christian and a graduate of Mass Communication from the National Open University of Nigeria. I am single, an entrepreneur and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of GOSWIFT BUSINESS NETWORK LIMITED.
 How old are you?
I am 26 years old.
What is your company all about?
GOSWIFT BUSINESS NETWORK LIMITED, is a licensed multi-faceted company structured to connect Investors and entrepreneurs globally with a web of businesses ranging from business consulting, real estate, logistics, import/export, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, investments, contracting and to collaborate with Nigerian and international companies in other business development projects.
What is unique about your company?
GOSWIFT is one of her kind. Our platform helps business people and Entrepreneurs connect to form business relationships, recognize, create or act upon business opportunities, share information and seek potential partners for business projects fostering business growth.
You are a graduate of Mass Communication from the National Open University of Nigeria. One would expect you to be a journalist but you choose entrepreneurship. Why entrepreneurship?
Entrepreneurship has been an inherent trait in me. It is a passion I can not part with. Like I said earlier, I am very creative and innovative. I want financial freedom and my career offers me that one hundred percent.
 How can your company help reduce unemployment and poverty in Nigeria?
We are working on different initiatives to help the young Nigerian become financially free not job hunters. This will in turn make them create more opportunities for others.
What are your challenges as an entrepreneur?
My biggest challenge was funding. The Nigerian environment does not support entrepreneurs rather our government enact policies which favours only the rich and those in power.
Many entrepreneurs barely have time to relax. How do you relax?
I love what I do so, I am always at a point of rest whilst working. Activity is not productivity. Truly productive people relax and have fun while working not necessarily having a vacation.
Due to the Corona Virus pandemic, many companies are folding up. What do you intend doing to ensure your company does not fold up this season?
We are a digital company where our market and clients are online. Business of the 21st century is virtual not actual anymore. So we continue working while a cure is being found to solve the global corona virus pandemic and things come to normalcy.
How can intending entrepreneurs reach you?
 We are working on our platform to connect Investors and entrepreneurs globally. It is a good one to market, promote and drive sales for business people. Once we are up, people can register and become part of the network. However, Currently you can contact us via:
Email: Info.goswiftbusiness@yahoo.com
Phone numbers; +2347066082788, +2348060722792.
If you have an opportunity to meet president Buhari for assistance, what would you ask for?
I would ask him to give an endorsement to the eco-system we are creating because it will skyrocket the Nigerian economy, alleviate people from poverty and unemployment as well as attract international hands.
What is your advice to Nigerian youths who want to become entrepreneurs but do not have capital?
 I want them to know that Capital is not money but intellectual property. Funding your business is different from Capital. You can have funds but no capital to start a business because real capital is the heart that drives every business idea to fruition. Equip your mind, financial intelligence is vital.
Is there anything else you will like to tell us that we do not know about?
Entrepreneurs must understand business is war. You must treat it like a soldier in war front because your competitors will hang you if you do not hang them first with price sales and service delivery.  Lastly, the God factor is key for every Christian business person. Almost all big businesses are dedicated to idols in China, Thailand, India e.t.c. You must first make God your business partner and you will thrive.

Corona Virus is real. While you pray, take precautions. Use hand sanitizers, wash your hand regularly, self-isolate yourself, wear face mask and hand gloves. To be featured as the Entrepreneur of the Month on our well-circulated quality international magazine, call or Whatsapp us via 08030808671, 07038864995

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