Monday, February 10, 2020

TMOTM: How Modeling Has Taken Me From Warri To Italy, Liberia, Ghana---Joy Ubeku

Delta-born Joy Ubeku is an international model, actress and pioneer of the trending Youtube Show, “Life of a Warri Girl”. Her bravado in modeling has taken her to countries like Italy, Liberia, Ghana and still counting. Amidst the many models who applied to be Topflyers MODEL OF THE MONTH (February), she was objectively and unanimously selected by our crew. In this interview with TopFlyers magazine, Joy expresses some of her modeling and travelling voyages as well as the challenges of modeling in Nigeria.

Can we meet you?

I am Joy Ubeku, an actress and model from Delta State in Nigeria but I am currently based in Ghana. I studied Human Resources Management from the University of Lagos (UNILAG).

We are aware you are a model and an actress but considering the demands of modeling, are you still in the movie industry?

Yes, I still act and as a matter of fact, I have my show now on YouTube. It is called LIFE OF A WARRI GIRL (LOAWG).

How did your passion for modeling start?

I have always wanted to be a model but I never gave much importance to it but after my first beauty pageant, I had the confidence and push to realize my dreams through modeling.

Some people are of the opinion that modeling is not financially profiting. To you, how lucrative is modeling?

Looking at the fashion world today, the development is phenomenal so I will tell you it is very profitable.

Who and what brands have you modeled for?

I have modeled for Deshe Collection, Mina Collection, House of Micky, Unik Fashion, Allan David Collection, Obaa Tuntum (Ghana), House of Maysan, (Nigeria), Monsio Couture (Liberia), Dreams by Nanna Nilson, Bennetten Collection. apompidouecofashion (Italy), to mention but a few.

How lucrative is your line of business?

For now, it is not paying much because I just started but then, modeling pays really well.

Is it true that models are wayward?

No, it is not true.

You were born and bred in Delta State, Nigeria. Why did you relocate to Ghana?

The best place to build your portfolio as a start-up model is Ghana. That is my opinion though.

How demanding is your line of business?

I would peg the demand on an 8/10 rating scale.

You recently returned from your voyage to Italy, tell us about your experience?

I went for Milan Fashion Week and the experience was mind blowing not to mention their food. I am totally in love with their Spaghetti ai frutti di mare.

How would you relate and compare modeling in Nigeria and that in Ghana?

Like I mentioned before, as a start-up model, where you need to build your portfolio is Ghana but that is my personal opinion though! We only have few modeling agencies in Nigeria and they are really doing great but that is not enough. We need more in other to help people like us (models). In Ghana, they have different schools and agencies patient enough to push you up the ladder of success in modeling. I think Nigeria should give room to fashion as well and not just music, comedy, movies and pageants.

Can a married woman who is into modeling and has the requisite shape cope as a model?

It depends on the agreement she has with her husband. So that one I cannot tell.

What do you hope to achieve at the end of your modeling career?

Greatness and also prove people wrong about the mentality they have about models.

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