Tuesday, January 07, 2020

Headphones: An Accessory Or A Time Bomb? By Isaac Ologbosere

Hearing aids come in different sizes, grades and designs. They are made chiefly to amplify sounds for a listener's pleasure. However, these products are to be used appropriately with caution to prevent problems that may arise from its abuse. This should be done by following the instructions or guidelines that are made available in the manual that accompanies them. But as the saying goes "when the purpose of a thing is not known, abuse is inevitable". These products over the years have been used wrongly especially by teenagers in the society. The purpose for which these products were made has been put on the shelf, and most users have given these products their own purpose.

By way of illustration, most people emphatically, teenagers and youths now use these products in any way they like and at every given opportunity. This is not supposed to be, but the abuse rate is quite alarming lately. The youths are at the forefront of this as the old and middle-aged care less about these products.

Hearing aids comes in different sizes. The larger ones are called headsets while the smaller ones are called earpieces. Their capacity to amplify sounds varies from one product to another. That is to say, no two earpieces or headsets are thesame, they are different in terms of quality.

In addition, when these products are purchased, it is sometimes followed with a warning for the user not to use it at a very high volume, since it could lead to hearing loss either partially or completely. This warning, like the one found on the pack of a cigarette which is addressed to smokers, is often times not heeded. The warning that follows these product is not the only caution that is thrown to the wind by the users, but also the time and place that is suitable to use these products.

To explain, not every place is suitable for you to use an headset because of the harm it might bring to you. For example, while you are driving, using your headset is very dangerous because while it is on your ears you are not conscious about other vehicles around you and this may lead to an accident. Even while you are in class, listening to your teacher, using your headset while the teacher is teaching is very insulting. The headset on your ears would only divide your attention, so it is advisable not to use it in class.

Still, the most dangerous time to use your headset would be while walking along a busy road. But sadly, most teenagers and youths do this. This has led to the untimely death of some lively youths in this country. Using a headset while walking along a road is like going on a suicide mission, only that this one is not intentional. While your headset is on your ears, your hearing ability is completely blocked to sounds in your environment. The individual is completely unaware of the vehicles that are plying the road or the sounds they make to signal their approach. This is likely to cause an accident, especially when the individual tries to cross the road with the headset still on.

On the other hand, the places that these headsets should be brought into should be places where they are authorized or allowed. For example, if a school does not permit its use, then no student should break the law by doing otherwise because the law was made for the safety of the students. Apart from the school, there are other places where the use of these products may be banned due to safety reasons.

In conclusion, emphasis have been intentionally and clearly laid on one of the  types of headphones which is the headset, because it is much more louder and bigger than the earpiece which is rather small and its volume even at its highest cannot be compared to the headset. The earpiece poses little or no danger to the user at all depending on how it is used, this also applies to the headset. The effects of the abuse of any of these hearing aids are summarized in hearing  loss either partially or completely and also accidents either fatal or minor. These headphones were not made to be dangerous to use but were made for enjoyment and relaxation. How you use it determines whether it would be an accessory or a time bomb for you.

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