Saturday, November 30, 2019

Risk Taking: The Difference Between Great Men and Mere Men, By Emeke Nwaoboli

It amazes me when people refuse to take risks. It beats my imagination when people want to scale through the hurdles of life swiftly without taking risks. A man who wants to make it in life without taking risks is comparable to a virgin optimistic to give birth to a set of triplets without being deflowered. It is a waste of time, a hopeless hope, futile effort and insanity in disguise. Life is all about taking risk. In fact, being alive itself is a risk.

A risk can be defined as a situation one exposes him or herself without certainty of having positive results even when there is abundant potential of getting positive results. In this modern era, taking risks is not what people should be afraid of, not taking risk is what they should fidget over because refusal to take risk is riskier than taking risk.

Need I remind you that life does not always give you want you want, life gives you what you fight for and that is why bad things sometimes happen to good people. Yes, my observation shows that bad people often take risks while good people often wait for situations that are not risky. Often times, it is not that things are difficult that we do not succeed; it is because we not want to take risks that can alleviate our difficult situations because we feel if we fail, our situations may grow worse.

I tell you again, it is a bigger risk not to take risk. The reason some people achieve so little is that they attempt so little. Risky situations make great men, why situations devoid of risk make only mere men. What is that business in your mind, that adventure, competition, relationship to mention but a few that you have been waiting for the storms to calm before you venture into them. Stop waiting, go for it. Stop assuming you might fail, be optimistic. Even if you fail, you really did not fail. You just haven’t gotten to where you want to be but you are no longer where you used to be. Fear of failure is worse than failure itself. As the saying goes, “cowards die a thousand times before their death”.

If you keep postponing that your goal in life, that your dream or craving because you are afraid of the risks, you will end up being a servant, employee, or messenger to those who took the risk to achieve the dreams while you were praying for a more comfortable situation. Hear this, great men do not succeed in their comfort zone. If attaining your dream does not require any risk, that dream is not worth it, it a dream for mere men. Dream again!

The bigger your risks, the bigger your chances of greatness because risks are ladders to greatness in camouflage. If you refuse to climb the ladder, you will never get to the top. Nevertheless, if you climb, you may not get the top, but the good news is, you will no longer be on the ground. As Les Brown puts it, “shoot for the moon, even if you miss it, you will land among the stars”.

Conquer your fear today, stop procrastinating. A life without risks is lifeless. It is better to take creative risks and fail than not to take risks at all. If you are not taking risks, stop working hard because your hard work will not pay. Work smart. When you are not taking risks, stop wishing to achieve what great men have achieved. Just remain the mere man you are because progress always involves risk. When you pray for greatness, take risk, but if you hate to take risks, stop praying for greatness.

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