Friday, March 20, 2015

My boobs! Oritse Femi & Ache?

Quote: “If you think my boobs catches your eyes, then look at it the second time”

Ache Rachael, a Nigerian female artiste from Benue State, who does all genre of songs, shares her musical life experience in an exclusive interview with Flies magazine.

Educational Background

I studied Mass communication at the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife and I graduated in 2009. I had been doing music before then; all my life has been music. My father used to be a drummer before he passed on and my mother a lead vocalist, so everything about me has been music. I started performing with a live band at the age of five, the then Music for Christ band. I became a music director in church at the age of twelve and wrote my first song officially at the age of ten. So, as I said, everything about me is music.

Parental support

 Like I earlier said, my father was a drummer and my mother was a lead vocalist, so I was born into music. I did not choose music, music chose me from birth and there was a time in my house (because my father used to be a military man in Bonny Camp as a 3-star General) we would all be together and my father would be playing the drum while my mother would be singing, as well as every other person. I am from a family of nine and everybody in my house sings.

Songs you have done so far

My first single was African Lady; it was dropped two years ago. It did not really reign that much but it was a good song because when I dropped it then, Jaiye Jaiye came on board and people did not pick my own song but mine was better. I think people didn’t pick my own song because I was not known. I again dropped Na We Be 9ja in 2013 and this year I have dropped two singles. I first of all dropped Gini which got lots of people questioning me like; how can you sing such a vulgar song? It’s too vulgar, it’s too raw, it’s too this and that but it was a song I was actually thinking about myself, about the mood I was in. Everybody went gaga and started saying “oh my God, that girl is too sexual”. After that, I did Gentle which I featured Oritsefemi and the rumor went round that I was dating Oritsefemi when we did the video. Although, Oritsefemi has always been a very humble man, he was very nice but I had no intimate relationship with him, it was strictly professional. Above all, I like his hair because he has this funny kind of look. I called him “grey white grey” because of the colour of his hair style.

Rumors have it that you are dating Oritse Femi, are you really dating him?

 Oritsefemi if you are reading this and still not married come maybe we could date but for now I am not dating Oritse femi it’s just strictly business. Oritsefemi and I are family, I call him and he also calls me always and his management. I do not know why I can not date him if he still single and if he approach me I think I have to sit down to think about it if I want to have anything simple or sexual with him but for now I don not know. But he is cute and looks like someone that can handle me you know what I mean. I think he is strong enough to handle a tough girl like Ache because I am very tough to handle.

 The word tough is relative, what do u mean by tough?

The reason why I used the word tough is that if he can go like Thirteen, Fifteen, Eighteen and Twenty round in a day then he should come to discuss how we can go into bed.

 What has been your challenge(s) in the music industry so far?

My Boobs! Everybody just thinks I have very big boobs that I am trying to sell to promote my music but the truth is that I just feel very sexy at some point in my life. Overall, I think people should start listening to my song, if you think my boobs catches your eyes, then look at it the second time.

Are you working on a new Album currently?
Yes, I am working on a new Album.

Can you share with us the title of your Album?

No, I am not telling you the title but I will definitely tell Flies magazine first when I am ready to drop the album but for now, my manager is going to inform everybody when I am ready to drop the album. I got 26 songs recorded already and we are still working. To me music is life and life is music, so the more music you record, the more you have lots of songs to bring out. I have been doing this for over a decade, “no be moi moi oh, if na pikin e go don grow”.

 Are you into any relationship?
 I am very single and not searching but I am searching for Eva Alordia because she is very fine and I like her.

 Is she a female?      
Yes, I am not a lesbian but I am searching for Eva Alordia.

Why are you searching for Eva Alordia if you are not a lesbian?
Because she’s got a face that is attractive and I like her kind of music. I want to do music with her.

Tell us about your private life?

I own and manage a musical live band called the Ache Sound of Music. We play in hotels, bars and parks bar. When I am not in the studio, I am in the kitchen because I like cooking. I love food but I do not know why I am not very fat and big.

What is your favourite meal?

 Okoho and pounded yam because I am from Benue state. I know you do not know about that soup. It is an Idoma meal you can only get from Benue. You can ask 2face, Terry G, and Joe-El about it.

What message do you have for your fans?

To my fans I love you all, I like you all and if you want to take me out on a date (laughs), you can follow me @sexy_ache (twitter & instagram), facebook; sexy ache. I am everywhere and I love you all. If you see me on the street, do not hesitate to give me a hug. Although, my boobs might interfere with my chest, that should not bother you anyway.

What are your words of note for Flies Magazine?

I like Flies Magazine because they got a very nice concept; the concept is very classic and above all, lovely.


  1. Ache is a beautiful person and very hardworking.She has the courage to introduce a different concept to the music industry and should be encouraged. Over to you Don Jazzy. Richards.

  2. Ache is a beautiful person and very hardworking.She has the courage to introduce a different concept to the music industry and should be encouraged. Over to you Don Jazzy. Richards.