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QUOTE: “if you no get, you go be problem to those wey get"- Saviour Obi Akpiri, popularly known as Saviour

Saviour Obi Akpiri, popularly known as Saviour, is one of the Lagos based promising stand up comedians and a dancer who has transversed the entire  Nigeria for performances as a result of his magical intellectual sagacity God has bestowed on him. He hails from Cross River State, from a polygamous family occupying the position of last born of the 5 children by his mother. He talks on the huddles of getting to stardom in an exclusive interview with Flies magazine.

Could you please tell us about your educational background?
I attended Saviour Primary School, Baptist High School, same in Obanikoro, and moved on to study mass communication in the Lagos State Polytechnic, main campus, Ikorodu.
Why did you choose comedy?
 I have always been a dancer right from day one, I am a Dancer and Comedian of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (DCFR) which is different from other standup comedy. I chose comedy because I love to make people laugh and happy in any little way I can. And also laughter is the best medicine for the body.
How long have you been a comedian?
 I started stand up comedy professionally since 2011 but I  have been in the entertainment scene for over 12years!
Tell us some of the ups and downs you have had as a comedian?
I used to get hired by different known artists to dance for them in their videos, stage performances, events, shows, etc... For years before I ever became known at all! Then in 2005, Naija Old skool met me and my crew and wanted us to be with him as a crew; and we all came together and started to work, and that was when we did our 1st comedy music video titled: "Notin do u" but the members of  the crew  got separated because of cheating! My boss then was always cheating on me and my guy Amos, and still ride on us; until he finally drove us away because we went to my church (Harvesters International Christian Centre) at Gbagada to participate in a talent display competition in early 2011 after so many years that we have been with him, humble and loyal to him, nothing good to show for!
 Parental support
My father never supported me in anyway in anything I did; but my mum has always been there! But most of all, my brother, Micheal Obi Akpiri, supported me with even his salary at a point to make sure I move on in life and with what I do.
Who is sponsoring you?
No sponsor from anywhere o! It was so hard that I used to beg from people before I could get transport to go for an event.  I used to look up to some people for sponsorship and support, but not until one of my very own big bros Mr. Bunmi Popoola, gave me some real heart to heart advice! And one of the things he told me was, "we are working to earn money abi?  But more money, more problems, and do not forget, “if you no get, you go be problem to those wey get". And since then, I started noticing some real friends,  some comedians that are already doing well and some other close people avoiding me because ‘I neva get’. But thank God today, ‘the story don change’.
What are your challenges so far?
Yes o! Enough challenges, as in, I have cracked a joke and people did not laugh! I felt so bad that I could not even eat that day! But it only made me stronger and beta.
Have you any role models?
 My role models are Mr. Patrick a.k.a the adventures of kunle thomas, and De Don.
What should your fans be expecting from you?
 My fans, friends and family should expect great and bigger things ahead from their own boy; Saviour! Especially my hood fans (Pedro Barracks, bariga) because I am really working on bigger projects that I won't disclose now until then. And that's because my new year's resolution is talk less, do more.   In the nearest future, I don't just hope, but I believe its very bright and God is taking me higher than high! The sky will be my starting point.  Special shout out to the love of my life and the woman of my heart, my wife to be and by the grace of God, the only mother of my children;  FeyisayoAjonbadi. “Shedey really try for me; and I pray God will bless her for me and bless me for her”.
Word of note for Flies magazine
 I know so many magazines, but only one I'm so sure of and I believe so well, and that's FLIES MAGAZINES. Because in religious, social, corporate, and all kind of events, they are always there bringing the real and accurate infotainment for u to enjoy.
I mean it, because even at a church in Omole estate where I went to anchor a concert, I was so surprised to see myself in Flies magazine, and I was really doing my thing! And then later, at the NMVA: Nigeria Music Video Awards, after I finished my performance, I also performed alongside Mc Galaxy the “ sekem master”  where we both went to get his award for the best dance in a music video, then later the legendary himself, 2face idibia told me that I must be on stage with him and I laughed, and we both performed and we really thrilled the crowd; but I was also surprised to know that Flies magazine was there all through. I even saw the CEO himself (Mr. MUSA YAHAYA) and we exchanged greetings.
So trust me, Flies magazine is one very big name that we all must have to watch out for because very soon they are blowing and storming this country and Africa at large with the real deal in infotainment.
Shout out to Flies magazine.

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